We have all heard the standard health advice. Stay active. Stay hydrated. Get enough sleep, get enough social contact, give yourself time to process or reduce your stress, and stay hygienic. Eat the right foods and keep your waistline in check. Try to keep yourself focused and attentive, and report any mental health issues you might be experiencing.

But what if you wish to take a new approach to health? What if you wish, not to subvert those tidbits of advice, but to build on them? Would it be possible to keep active and responsible while also experimenting with what works for us, and identifying what might be going wrong? We would say absolutely, yes. For that and more, we would recommend the following advice:

Find Natural Helpers

When we encounter an issue, we often consider ourselves either desperately requiring a solution, or simply living with it. But sometimes, there can be a nice middle ground between dealing with it directly, and simply using a natural solution to help mitigate those problems factors. Finding natural helpers can go a long way with this renewed sense of health maintenance. But what might those natural helpers be? Well, it might be that you use herbal sleeping tablets, such as those with valerian root, should you have trouble falling asleep one night.

These chemical-less simply tablets can ease you, and help you relax without putting you to sleep. Perhaps instead of requiring caffeine to help you feel more active and less anxious at work, using CBD oil in a green tea could help you feel much calmer and ready for the stressors of a day. It might be taking a renewed look at your supplementation schedule and considering the best approach there, such as using fulvic acid to replenish your mineral deposits when going through the nasty flu, could help you overcome some of the issues you’re facing right now. Of course, as with anything, be sure to consult your healthcare professional before making a radical change to your supplementation.

Regularity Over Intensity

It might be that you wish to lose weight. For that, you hope to exercise. Which do you think would be most helpful to that goal? Running 20 miles one day a week? Or jogging one or two miles every other day? This is an extreme*/ example, but it goes to show that when it comes to health and fitness, those just starting out can become their own personal authoritarians. They might not realize that rest is just as important as working out, that what you eat has more restorative potential that you might think. What matters is attendance and regularity. It could be that you have never exercised this kind of regular, routine and habitual training practice before. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ wasn’t just a fable you were told as a child, but something with real application and planning. For that reason, taking a new approach to your health might just mean being more direct and reliable with the said approach.

Focus On Internal Development

When we think of our health maintenance, we often think of the easy-to-imagine benefits. For example, we might think of ourselves walking on the beach with our new slim figure. Perhaps we think of how our face will become more slender due to lost weight, helping us regain the looks of our youth. Perhaps we have some eveningwear we would like to slip into once again. But while these goals are fine to have, they might take some time to achieve. While you might be making progress, it’s not hard to feel slightly demotivated should you struggle to get your act together and better your approach. This is why we would recommend focusing on your internal development instead.

Consider how you might push yourself, gently, from session to session. Allow the fitness to temper you. Allow better health choices to help you experience more from world cuisine, and to get better as a home cook. Try to understand what fitness is teaching you, that effort and hard times can be overcome with the routine application.

When you focus on internal development instead of visual markers, you can become the person you had hoped to be with much more rapidity.

We wish you nothing but the best in your new approach.