Miami, FL, July 6, 2020: TADSmile offers one of the most high-quality at-home teeth whitening kits on the market. Their whitening kit is not only safe and effective, but is also natural. The process is short- it only takes 10 minutes. The teeth whitening kit is completely painless and the kit is doctor-approved. Users have had amazing results, making it the best online teeth whitening kit. TADSmile is not only recognized by dentists but by influencers, as well.

TADSmile is an American brand that wants to create healthier and whiter smiles. In addition, they also offer other dental products to keep smiles staying beautiful.

More people not only desire whiter teeth but want to achieve these results at home. This is where teeth whitening kits come in. With so many options on the market, buyers may not choose the best or the safest teeth whitening kit.

In addition, teeth whitening comes with many side effects. This includes sensitivity and even pain.

TADSmile is revolutionizing the at-home teeth whitening industry by offering an affordable product that uses light technology and safe whitening gel. The light-activated accelerated technology is one of the most powerful in the industry, removing stains from wine, coffee, soda, and even smoking. Light-activated accelerated technology removes stains with no pain and sensitivity. The kit also includes teeth whitening ingredients that aren’t made with peroxide, which won’t cause any sensitivity or tooth damage.

But why does TADSmile have the best teeth whitening kit? Unlike other teeth whitening kits on the market, TADSmile’s kit is clinically proven and produces dental-grade results. Users receive these benefits from the comfort of their own home, not at a dentist’s offer.

The kit includes the LED activation light with batteries, one mouth tray that’s sized for all mouths, and three 3ML whitening gel syringes. There is also a detailed instruction manual.

TADSmile is made by TRUSTADOC, the leading doctor referral service in the country. Users can find a doctor based on their needs. TRUSTADOC uses advanced search algorithms and one-on-one consultations to connect with a doctor in minutes. This results in over 200k happy patients nationwide.

All users have to do is answer a few simple questions. After filling out the questionnaire, TRUSTADOC matches the user with doctors in their local area. The results are then filtered to different compatibility factors, ensuring every user is matched with the best doctor for their needs. From here, users can have their consultation and schedule an appointment.

About the Company: TADSmile is an American company selling dental products. Their at-home teeth whitening kit is one of their best-sellers, promising quick results and boasting a clinically-proven and safe formula. TADSmile is recognized by doctors and influencers, transforming stained teeth into a beautiful white smile.

TADSmile is made by TRUSTADOC, the most effective doctor referral service in the country. Users are matched with the most trustworthy doctors in their local area, ensuring users choose the best doctor for their needs.

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