Swoop Scoop® has unveiled its new name after securing a federal trademark, marking a significant milestone for the pet waste removal, pooper scooper service. The rebranding reflects the company’s dedication to transforming outdoor spaces into clean, safe, and enjoyable environments for families and pets.


Spokane, WA, October 26, 2023— Swoop Scoop®, the beloved pet waste removal, pooper scooper service, has just announced an exciting rebranding milestone. Formerly known as the Scoop Troop, the Pooper Scooper Company is thrilled to unveil its new identity as Swoop Scoop® after securing a federal trademark. This change not only reflects the company’s growth and success but also embodies its commitment to providing efficient and reliable pet waste removal services throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Swoop Scoop® specializes in transforming backyards from unsightly minefields of pet waste into clean, safe, and enjoyable spaces for families and their furry companions. Currently serving residents in Spokane, Seattle, Salem, OR, and North Idaho, Swoop Scoop® is dedicated to making dog owners’ lives easier and more enjoyable.

“Our rebranding to Swoop Scoop® represents a new chapter for our business,” said William Milliken, co-founder of Swoop Scoop®. “We’ve always been passionate about keeping outdoor spaces clean and enjoyable for families and pets. This rebranding not only signifies our commitment but also allows us to serve our growing customer base better.”

Swoop Scoop® takes the hassle out of dealing with pet waste, giving homeowners the freedom to enjoy their backyards without the constant worry of dog poop cleanup. Their team of dedicated scoopers is ready and eager to help, ensuring your yard remains pristine and poop-free all year round.

“Pet waste removal doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore,” added Levi Swartz, the other co-founder of Swoop Scoop®. “We offer a free pet waste removal service quote, making it easy for pet owners to understand the value we bring to their lives. Whether you have one dog or several, we have flexible pricing options to meet your needs, without any binding contracts.”

Pricing for Swoop Scoop®’s pet waste removal service depends on factors such as the number of dogs, service frequency, and the time since the last cleanup. With Swoop Scoop®, customers can enjoy the flexibility of starting or stopping their service anytime. Prices typically range from $20 to $25 per visit for smaller yards with one or two dogs, while monthly pooper scooper pricing starts at just $50 per month.

Choosing Swoop Scoop Seattle as your trusted pet waste removal service offers many benefits. First and foremost, it brings unparalleled convenience to your life, freeing you from the unpleasant task of dog waste cleanup. This promotes health and hygiene and ensures that your yard remains a clean and odor-free space for your family and pets to enjoy. Furthermore, by relying on Swoop Scoop® services, you contribute to yard preservation and environmental responsibility, maintaining a pristine outdoor environment while reducing the ecological impact of pet waste. Swoop Scoop® is your partner in creating a worry-free and eco-conscious outdoor haven.

About Swoop Scoop®:

Founded in late 2020 by William Milliken and Levi Swartz, Swoop Scoop® has quickly become the go-to solution for pet owners in the Pacific Northwest seeking reliable and efficient pet waste removal services. Their commitment to keeping yards clean, safe, and enjoyable for both families and their beloved pets has earned them a loyal following and an outstanding reputation in the industry.

Contact Information:

Organization: Swoop Scoop®

Contact Person: William Milliken

Phone Number: 5099440494

Address: 3302 E Sprague Ave Spokane, WA 99202

Website: https://swoopscoop.com/