Swiftlane is a touchless unlock system designed to provide high security, safety, and convenience using face recognition and mobile credentials. Swiftlane provides a safe, touchless access experience for authorized individuals to access buildings – be they residential, commercial, or enterprise.


San Francisco, CA, June 9, 2020Swiftlane provides touchless, secure access for every building and workplace including enterprise, commercial, and residential buildings.

Swiftlane is a modern, convenient solution that enables safe, secure, and frictionless access experiences. Compared to its competition, Swiftlane offers the most secure and simple method of accessing buildings and workplaces. Swiftlane provides the highest security using mobile credentials, face recognition, and video intercom. Swiftlane’s technology can also integrate with existing key card and legacy systems, creating a seamless experience.

As Saurabh Bajaj, CEO of Swiftlane puts it, “Biometrics have often been used in mass surveillance, eroding trust. There is a privacy-aware way of developing applications. What we are enabling with Swiftlane is a new application that provides safe access to buildings. It’s simpler, modern, easier, and high security.”

Enrollment is quick and easy and can be completed from a user’s mobile phone in 60 seconds. Once enrolled, users can just walk up to the door and it unlocks using face recognition or mobile credentials. Administrators can manage users from a cloud-based dashboard that is accessed from a browser or mobile phone. Administrators also have the option to deploy two-factor authentication for a higher level of safety. We predict the mass adoption of Swiftlane’s services in the coming months.

With increased concerns around health and safety, Swiftlane is providing a secure solution to consumers who want their buildings to be secure and accessible only by authorized individuals. Privacy, in particular, is crucial in an age of mass surveillance. Swiftlane wants to protect the safety of the building, as well as the safety and privacy of the individuals entering it. Built to protect privacy and security, Swiftlane encrypts storage, runs on Google Cloud, and has strong access restrictions to data.

As Daniel J. Solove, Founder of TeachPrivacy, puts it, “Privacy is about respecting individuals. If a person has a reasonable desire to keep something private, it is disrespectful to ignore that person’s wishes without a compelling reason to do so.”

As companies begin to prepare to return to work, Swiftlane has developed comprehensive resources for HR, Security, and Facilities Teams who need to implement safety protocols and procedures in the workplace. Swiftlane’s access control system is one-of-a-kind and will become the preferred method for ensuring the security, safety, and privacy of buildings and individuals.

About Swiftlane

Swiftlane is a state-of-the-art touchless access control system, based out of San Francisco, CA. It provides access using face recognition and mobile credentials, and also integrates with existing legacy access control systems. Swiftlane provides a modern-day solution to ensure the security of your buildings and the exclusive access to those who are authorized to enter. Swiftlane is funded by Bloomberg Beta, Caffeinated Capital, and dozens of other investors.

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Address: 65 Langton Street, San Francisco CA 94103
Website: https://www.swiftlane.com