Superior Tradelines, LLC evaluated the impact on credit scores before and after adding authorized user tradelines. Results? Scores may go up, may stay the same, or may go down, depending on many different factors covered by the study.


Cocoa Beach, FL, May 17, 2021 – Superior Tradelines, LLC conducted a major study of over 800 credit reports.

Superior Tradelines, LLC, a decade veteran of the credit services industry, is proud to provide an authorized user credit score study that evaluates the impact on credit scores before and after adding authorized user tradelines. Scores go up, stay the same, or go down, depending on many different factors covered by the study.

The 24-page study includes significantly detailed and informative graphs outlining the results based on many different scenarios. 

According to the study: “This study analyzed the impact of authorized user tradelines for credit score increases by examining the credit scores of 860 participants before and after adding one or multiple tradelines. The effects of the following aspects of tradelines were studied: the age of the tradeline added, the limit of the tradeline added, how many tradelines were added, the effect of other information on the credit report, and the age of the participants.”

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The company continues to state that, “the study separated the participants who started the research with credit files from those with no credit file. The only scores used in this study were online FICO scores. Finally, the study evaluated individuals who experienced a decrease in credit score to determine the reasons behind those results.”

With so many people looking for tradelines for sale, it can be hard to figure out where to turn. Luckily for you, this study makes evaluating your options easier to understand. The company’s goal was to put sales aside and provide pure, fact-based information to empower consumers to make informed decisions.

About its credit score study, Superior Tradelines, LLC says that “this study indicated that tradelines generally have a beneficial impact on credit score, resulting in an average increase of 88 points. While this could be due to multiple factors, the primary reason for this improvement was the addition of the tradeline(s). Tradelines typically increase the average age of accounts, decrease the average utilization, and add positive payment history to the credit report. All of these factors positively impact the credit score.”

About its tradelines, “tradelines for sale are accounts onto which you can pay to be added as an authorized user for the purpose of increasing your credit score. Yes, you can buy tradelines for credit enhancement. Although buying tradelines is a powerful tool, you should educate yourself and be careful.”

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About Superior Tradelines, LLC: Superior Tradelines, LLC is based in Cocoa Beach, Florida. 

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