Sunday Hug, a Korean newborn baby products company, has launched high-quality baby swaddles to expand its product line. The baby swaddles are made from snuggly and durable material to last long. These swaddles give babies restful and interrupted sleep by preventing sudden wake-up experiences caused by uncomfortable positions and Moro reflex. Moreover, the baby wraps have a unique design that covers the baby’s arms and legs in a non-restrictive manner and a zipper to make diaper changes easy. Learn more about the baby swaddle here.


Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, 23 September 2021– Sunday Hug, a baby products designer and producer, has launched a high-quality baby swaddle with unique features to give babies sound and uninterrupted sleep. The wrap is uniquely designed to prevent sudden wake-up experiences caused by Moro reflex or uncomfortable sleeping positions.

“As parents who understand the importance of choosing the best baby products for newborns, we established Sunday Hug to meet the need for quality baby goods specially made for babies’ sensitive skin without compromising the price and quality,” assured Jeong.

When infants are sleeping, a sudden noise or movement can trigger a Moro reflex which may interrupt their sleep and make it hard for parents to carry on with other chores. Interrupted sleep may also leave the baby sleep-deprived resulting in a lot of crying and restlessness. The Sunday Hug sleep sack wraps the baby carefully and reduces the Moro reflex, thus soothing the baby to sleep.

“The Sunday Hug infant sleep sack has a unique design which properly covers arms and legs in a gentle unrestrictive manner, preventing sudden waking-up caused by Moro reflex,” explained Inkyo Jeong from Sunday Hug.

Sunday Hug was founded by parents who use their infant’s experiences to inspire design, material, and quality. They plan, develop and continuously improve the baby products to ensure fellow parents are satisfied. Furthermore, they use high-quality material specially made for babies’ sensitive skin.

“We keep the baby’s safety in mind but also make sure that the swaddles can be kept and used in the long run. This swaddle is made with superior quality and high-quality material. The combination of 40% modal and 60% cotton is breathable, easy to clean, and suitable for all seasons,” added Jeong.

Baby clothing needs to be soft and snuggly to give the baby a warm feeling and make them feel like someone is holding them. In addition, heavy sleep sacks can leave the baby feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. This newborn swaddle is lightweight yet protective to keep the baby intact.

“The swaddling blanket features a lightweight and snuggly texture that keeps the baby feeling protected and safe. Moreover, the two-way zipper makes diaper change during the night easier than ever,” added Jeong. 

About Sunday Hug: Sunday Hug is a newborn baby products manufacturer based in South Korea. The company makes baby clothes, loungers, relaxers, blankets, pillows, strollers, and newborn swaddles. Founded by parents, the baby goods producer’s goal is to develop baby products with the baby’s safety and protection as the priority.

Contact information:

Name: Inkyo Jeong
Organization: Sunday Hug
Address: #102ho, 310, Gyeongchung-daero, Gonjiam-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Phone: +8201051555837