Sun Sculpt Body Contouring offers the most advanced and very latest in body sculpting technology. At Sun Sculpt they aim to provide you with personalised treatments based on your individual needs in a relaxing, welcoming environment. Located in the beautiful MD Cosmetic and Skin Clinic in Maroochydore, you will feel pampered from the moment you walk in.


Maroochydore, QLD, March 14, 2022 — We know that diet and exercise are sometimes not enough to eliminate stubbornly unwanted fat deposits. Luckily for you, there’s the non-invasive Body Contouring. This technology can assist with areas like the stomach, love handles, arms, and thighs. Sun Sculpt Body Contouring is the exclusive home of the truSculpt ® iD and truSculpt ® Flex on the Sunshine Coast. 

Sun Sculpt Body Contouring offers the most advanced and very latest in body sculpting technology, made by Emma Wallace, a Registered Nurse with a special interest in body contouring and aesthetics. After 25 years of experience in many areas of nursing, Emma became interested in aesthetics. She completed the ACMAS Diploma of Cosmetic Injecting for Doctors and Nurses in early 2017 and started her successful practice. Then, in 2020, she discovered the Cutera truSculpt ® devices, and she got excited at the magnificent benefits that this technology could provide to their clients.

The company aims to provide you with personalized treatments based on your individual needs in a relaxing and welcoming environment. You will feel pampered from the moment you walk in. Their truSculpt ® iD and truSculpt ®Flex Systems deliver the latest non-invasive body sculpting technology. 

Among their offered treatments, you’ll find:

  1. Sun Sculpt Body Sculpting: The truSculpt ® iD can eliminate stubborn fat even in areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise. It is clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in target areas like the abdomen and decrease circumference in your flanks. 
  2. Sun Sculpt Body Contouring: The truSculpt ® Flex is a fully personalized muscle-sculpting treatment that uses truControl ® technology to provide targeted, selective and customizable treatments, helping individuals towards their personal body goals. It adjusts to your individual level of fitness, shape and specific goals to tone, firm and strengthen muscles.

The truSculpt ® Flex can treat up to 4 areas simultaneously, and Emma will customize your treatment plan during the consultation to help you achieve your desired outcome. It also helps to strengthen muscles during rehabilitation. It is unique and uses multidirectional stimulation (MDS) that can target specific muscle groups with different treatment modalities resulting in a rapid increase in muscle strength and function with subsequent increase muscle bulk by up to 30% in the following 8 -12 weeks.

Among other of the great benefits of Sun Sculpt Body Contouring you will find:

• In only a 45-minute treatment, you’ll be able to see fast results

• No surgery or needles to get your ideal figure

• No downtime

• It’s clinically proven results

• It’s comfortable, safe and effective

• It’s the latest technology possible in the market

Find out more information about their top-quality services at Because you’ve worked hard, it’s time to see how truSculpt ® Body can help you achieve your goals!

Contact Info:

Name: Emma Wallace
Organization: Sun Sculpt Body Contouring
Address: Kon-Tiki Business Centre, 55 Plaza Parade Tower 1, Level 2, Kon Tiki Building
Phone: 0448 441 509