Substance abuse programs

Addiction has the power to hijack a person’s life and eventually interferes with a person’s ability to maintain relationships with loved ones, keep up at work or school, or attend to other financial or familial responsibilities. To overcome addiction and return to a fulfilling lifestyle, entering into comprehensive substance abuse programs gives people the best chance at achieving long-term recovery. In order to meet these needs, First Step Center is prepared to work with individuals who are ready to reclaim their lives.


For many, the first step of recovery is one of the most challenging steps toward getting clean. Taking the first step requires acknowledging the problem, talking to loved ones, and reaching out for help. Sometimes, individuals especially struggle to take this first step because they are afraid of judgment or don’t have the support or information they need to make the right decisions.

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At the First Step Center, our compassionate team understands these difficulties and offers the support our clients need to move forward with recovery. Our goal is to guide our clients on a path of healing that inspires them to be healthier, more mindful and engaged in their recovery.


The Arizona substance abuse programs at First Step Center works to address all levels of addiction. We treat many types of drug and alcohol addictions and offer three primary levels of care:

Along with these levels of care, we also offer a men and womens drug rehab program and men and womens alcohol rehab program which helps meet others who have similar circumstances to them. By collaborating in this environment and sharing experiences, men and women can form support groups and rely on each other to move forward in addiction recovery.


Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop when a person decides to enroll in substance abuse treatment programs. Those who play essential roles in companies or own businesses may not be able to step away from their careers to pursue treatment.

Luckily, the First Step Center understands these circumstances and allows executives to remain in contact with their companies while pursuing treatment in our executive rehab center.


Addiction and substance abuse problems overwhelm not just the person with the addiction, but also those surrounding them. Addiction can affect friends, family, coworkers, and others who know the individual.

In our Arizona substance abuse programs, we help families understand addiction and how it can affect an individual’s mind, body, and overall well-being. Facilitating these conversations not only helps the individual heal, but it also allows families to engage in their communities and educate others around them.


Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming thinking only about your own problems and circumstances. At First Step Center, we believe that part of healing oneself involves helping others. Therefore, we have our clients engage in monthly volunteer activities where they give back to the community.

Stepping outside yourself and helping others succeed in their lives not only benefits the community, but it can also be a fulfilling aspect of your personal journey.

We also offer a variety of alternative therapy programs to help clients learn healthy new coping mechanisms and explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These programs include:


When you’re looking for a comprehensive, high-quality Arizona substance abuse programs, call First Step Center. Our team of compassionate, experienced professionals has the skills to support the developing recovery foundations necessary to help individuals from all backgrounds. At our Residential Treatment Facility, Partial Hospital Program, and Intensive Outpatient Program, all clients undergo dual diagnosis treatment to help them identify the root of their addictions as well as understand the co-occurring disorders that require treatment.

The first step of any journey is difficult. The First Step Center is ready to guide you with understanding and compassion as you begin your journey to recovery. Contact First Step Center today at 866.832.6398 to learn more about our Arizona substance abuse programs and how you can begin now.