StudentDismiss announces its revolutionary dismissal manager app, poised to transform school dismissal processes for the remainder of the school year. The dismissal manager app offers a cost-effective and seamless solution for schools seeking to enhance safety and efficiency during the daily dismissal routine.


Seattle, WA, November 27, 2023— As schools gear up for the Christmas break, administrators seeking innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and safety during the daily dismissal routines should look at StudentDismiss. StudentDismiss, a groundbreaking dismissal manager app, offers a straightforward approach to streamlining the school dismissal process. Developed by an experienced educator who understands the challenges of daily school management, StudentDismiss has proven to be a game-changer in schools that have adopted it.

StudentDismiss is not just a school dismissal app; it’s a solution born out of the trenches of teacher experience. The web app, priced at $399 annually with flexible payment plans, provides a cost-effective and easy-to-integrate solution for schools aiming to move from walkie-talkies to a smartphone web app. The app’s developer, a teacher, recognized the need for a tool that reduces the administrative burden on educators and enhances the overall efficiency of the school dismissal process – and is much quieter than walkie-talkies!

“Having worked in the education sector, I know firsthand the chaos that can ensue during dismissal time,” says Tyler Dary, the mind behind StudentDismiss. “This idea was born out of a desire to simplify this process, giving teachers more time to focus on what matters most – our students.”

StudentDismiss boasts a range of features that set it apart from other solutions in the market. The carline app offers a 30-day free trial, ensuring schools can experience the benefits before committing. Its unique design, cross-platform compatibility, silent dismissal option, and visual indicators make it a versatile and user-friendly tool for educators.

One of the app’s strengths lies in its ability to reduce stress and improve teacher job satisfaction. By streamlining the dismissal process, StudentDismiss gives educators back valuable time which allows them to focus on what they do best – teaching. Unlike other solutions, StudentDismiss requires no extensive parent involvement, major process overhauls, or new equipment. The only change is the tool itself – an intuitive school dismissal app replacing traditional walkie-talkies.

“As an educator, I believe StudentDismiss is not just an app; it’s a catalyst for positive change in our schools. It goes beyond simplifying dismissal – it fosters a quiet and orderly environment, providing teachers with the space they need to create a positive end-of-day experience for both students and staff. StudentDismiss is more than a solution; it’s a commitment to making our educational spaces more efficient, stress-free, and conducive for enhanced learning time,” Dary added.

The web-based platform is accessible from any modern device (smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, smartboard) with an internet connection, offering users flexibility. The easy-to-understand process involves callers entering the family number or student name into the web app, with teachers and students in the classroom (or gathering place) watching for their names to light up when it’s time for dismissal.

Winter break could be the perfect time to change from walkie-talkies to a dismissal app and start 2024 off with quiet, efficient dismissals.

About StudentDismiss:

StudentDismiss is an innovative dismissal manager app designed to simplify and secure the school dismissal process. StudentDismiss, created by a teacher, not only alleviates the administrative load on teachers but also significantly enhances the dismissal experience for students, ensuring a smoother, more productive, and tranquil end to their school day.  Priced at $399 annually with flexible payment plans, StudentDismiss is a cost-effective solution for schools looking to enhance safety and efficiency during end-of-day routines.

Contact Information:

Organization: StudentDismiss

Contact Person: Brandt Dary

Phone Number: 623-396-1916 (voice/text)

Address: Seattle, WA