You need a well-curated website when you’re looking to communicate the services you offer to people in need of mental, physical, wellness, and speech therapy. Strategic web design is the forte of Strong Roots Web Design, a site developer who partners with private practices to better their online presence.

Strong Roots Web Design creates websites for digitally marketing your practice, reaching out to people who feel overwhelmed, overworked, and need help. Whether yours is a child, physical, or group practice, you’ll find a therapy website template with insight and inspiration for a site that attracts clients.


Silver Spring, MD, June 20th, 2022— For therapists, a strategic website that targets your niche clients is now available using a therapy website template by Strong Roots Web Design. Your passion for what you do is reflected with solutions to attract patients from your area of expertise, build your reputation, and showcase your experience.

Strong Roots Web Design CEO Sarah Gershon and her team will update your existing website, revamping it with the latest therapist website design. You’ll attract the right clients and connect with all stakeholders authentically with a custom, semi-custom, or template-based site.

“You’ll sit back and watch your online presence grow as your therapist website genuinely reflects your practice’s attractive portfolio and engages clients,” Gershon states.

Strong Roots Web Design works closely with counselors and therapists to create appealing designs for an effective website. Yours will be an intuitive site that’s user-friendly and affordable, letting you interact, book, and process your clients with minimal effort.

“We shall sit down and clarify your strategy for attracting and engaging your clients, with live examples of the best therapist websites we’ve created. Once you’ve launched, I’ll continue to offer support with optional web care plans to keep the site dynamic,” Gershon explains, speaking of their premium hosting and lead generation add-ons.

Therapy-related websites by Strong Roots Web Design feature a professional design, have built-in SEO, state-of-the-art SSL security and are mobile-friendly. In addition, you’ll have social media linking and advanced image, video, and animation content that tells your practice’s story.

Their aim is to eliminate the overwhelming feeling many private practices have when looking for digital marketing solution and an intuitive website. Strong Roots therapist web design, besides focusing on clear layouts, messaging, and exceptional imagery, is a super-fast process.

About Strong Roots Web Design

Strong Roots Web Design creates custom therapy websites and templates for practitioners who want an effective online presence for their practices. It’s a firm operating based on creativity, empathy, and grit in a sector that’s technologically on the move. Founder and CEO Sarah Gershon is a natural problem solver, always willing to think outside the box for each design project she undertakes.

If you’re seeking a website that conveys what your practice specializes in, empathizing with clients and educating site visitors, talk to Sarah at Strong Roots Web Design. You’ll have a portal where you can offer online sessions or create social media links to attract more clients in your area of expertise.

Contact Information:

Contact Name: Sarah Gershon
Business Name: Strong Roots Web Design
Contact Address: 1706 Lansdowne Way, Silver Spring, MD
Phone Number: 3015927270
Email: [email protected]