STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence is an educational program for teenagers and adults with disabilities. STRIVE uses special education strategies, technology, and vocational rehabilitation training to support disabled teenagers and adults with employment seeking.


Union City, GA, January 10, 2022— About 61 million adults in the United States live with a disability. This averages to one in four Americans experiencing some type of exceptionality. Amongst these individuals are those who have voiced their concerns about finding employment. Employment that would support them with living self-sufficiently. Communities across the USA are comprised of disabled teens and adults wishing to live independently; however, the availability of vocational programming is very low. Many vocational rehabilitation programs are government-funded, short staffed, and overwhelmed by extensive waitlists. At STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence, we are prepared to support disabled teens and adults. We believe that the key to addressing these issues is to use special education strategies, technology, and vocational rehabilitation training. Combining these three essential components will support disabled employment seekers.

STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence is an Educational program for teenagers and adults with disabilities. The goal is to use instructional strategies commonly implemented in special education programming; Instructional strategies that can also be found in many vocational rehabilitation training programs. These strategies expose members to everyday activities including social events. These social events are implemented to enhance their ability to network. Social events are held in local venues giving members a chance to voice their concerns/ and or needs, build their confidence, and support other STRIVE members. Past gatherings have included luncheons, bowling, and visiting the theatre. These events help members with building their confidence and solidifying their independence. Other supports include STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence Popups. These vocational rehabilitation activities are held annually and assist STRIVE members with job seeking. Volunteers at these events often include teachers conducting mock interviews, assisting with job application completion, and resume building. The hope is that by providing useful resources attendees will gain employment and retain it, as well as to help the disabled manage their finances.

In 2020, STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence was impacted by the pandemic like most businesses. Scheduled activities were cancelled due to their heavy reliance on face-to-face contact. STRIVE members maintained contact via social media, but were unable to attend in-person events including vocational rehabilitation Popups.

In an effort to continue supporting disabled teens and adults in the community and beyond, STRIVE introduced the Exceptional Excellence Employment Application (APP). This digital platform features a simplistic user interface with great accessibility including voice to text and closed captioning. Customers can visit Apple’s App Store or Google Play to download the Exceptional Excellence App. After downloading the App users create their profile. The Profile page asks customers to list information about themselves. This information is unique to each user and is confidentially stored for their viewing only. The user’s profile page will also store previous job searches, favorite listings, resumes, and account settings. Users can also view mock interviews, search through job openings, and apply for employment right from their smartphone or tablet. If difficulties arise, applicants are encouraged to sign up for consultative services listed on their in-App Calendar.

Contact Info:

Name: Delicia Williams
Organization: STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence
Address: Union City, GA, 30291
Phone: (404)281-5764