StreetDrillz is a new app designed to help professionals become familiar with the streets in their city. The puzzle game has two different options to help you improve your navigation skills.


Revere, MA, June 30, 2021– Being lost can be stressful especially on the job. StreetDrillz is a new app that will put that issue to rest! With the help of the StreetDrillz app, you will learn your way around your local area. You will master the layout of any city in a fun and stimulating way.

The puzzle game comes with two different game modes. The first one is drag and drop. In this game mode, users have a word bank with multiple different streets. You then drag the name of the street with the corresponding area on the map. This mode is ideal for those who are just starting off.

For those who are up for a challenge, there is the fill-in game mode. Here you are given no help. You select the street and manually type in the name of the street.

With this app, you can choose street drills for any city or area in the world. The map used in the app is a Google map, so at the same time, you learn to master reading a map.

StreetDrillz was created to help Firefighters, Police, First Responders, and Postal Service, professionals. However, everybody can benefit from the StreetDrillz from children learning their hometown to travelers going to a new city for the first time.

When it comes to learning streets, there is no easier way than through this fun easy-to-use app. At the same time, you learn to master a crucial life skill.

So what are you waiting for? Download it today and become a master of navigation!

Available on the Apple Store.

About StreetDrillz: Our goal is to provide a convenient source of testing to let you master your profession. If you are in need of a convenient App that will help you study and master your local areas, then we have the answer for you. With this app, you will have the capability to choose your area of work and test your knowledge. There are two play options Fill-in & Highlight and Drag & Drop. Both of these play options give you the unique experience to test your street knowledge!

Contact Information:

Gerard Festa
Revere, Massachusetts