Operation: Forward Steps was created to make sure everyone makes it home when it comes to interactions with law enforcement. All over the United States, people are being imprisoned, abused, or shot in misunderstandings with mentally ill and neurodivergent people. We believe it’s so important to be educated and proactive on these issues. Learn more at stimfactory.org.


Arlington WI, October 21, 2020 – Matthew Rushin, Saraya Rees, and Linden Cameron are examples of victims of being unfairly criminalized. These people received unfair prison sentences or were shot by law enforcement officials during mental health calls.

“We are protesting and marching not just for these lives, but for all who are on the spectrum or have some kind of mental health issue,” declares Joie Thompson. “We want better policy. We want a better understanding and better training for our police. We believe that they can and should do better. Our team is determined to advocate with attitude, working hard to make solid statements and to create the change these communities need.” Check out their event page for more information.

Besides Operation: Forward Steps, STIM Factory is at the forefront of disability-friendly & accessible jobs. They are discovering jobs for people who wish to work but struggle to find jobs that accommodate their needs.

STIM Factory’s product line launched on October 1st, 2020. Learn more at stimfactory.org.


About Joseph (Joie) Thompson: Joseph Thompson, or Joie, is the founder and CEO of STIM Factory. When he created the organization, it was because the special needs community needed more robust adult services along with accessible careers that pay a living wage.

About STIM Factory

STIM Factory is a ‘by us, for us’ organization that provides services & products to the disability, autistic, and chronic illness spaces. We specialize in media, programs, and services for adults due to a lack of depth within the market, but we do also offer limited services for children as well. We aim to bridge the gap and empower those within these spaces. Learn more about us here!

Contact Information:

Name: Joseph Thompson
Organization: STIM Factory, LLC
Address: 106 Ellickson St. Arlington, WI 53911
Phone: 608-560-5900
Website: https://www.stimfactory.org/
Email: [email protected]ctory.org