first time vaping

Smoking cigarettes are one of the most unhealthy habits to have. They contain worse things than just carcinogens and can ruin more than just your lungs. By smoking them, you run the risk of dying of a stroke, heart attack, or of developing severe illnesses.

Your lungs are only designed to breathe in fresh air, and nothing else. That means vaping can still cause slight harm people not used to breathing anything but air. Yet, it can be more cost effective and gives you more control over what you smoke. That’s why many people pick up vaping to stop smoking.

Some first time vaping tips to stop smoking include making sure you get a nicotine fix or mimicking the feel of a cigarette. They’re counterintuitive, but they also work.

Keep reading below to learn how vaping may replace cigarettes.

You Can Still Get A Nicotine Fix

When you decide to stop smoking cigarettes, you may wonder where you’ll get your nicotine fix. Yet, you can still puff nicotine without breathing in the tar and additives associated with cigarettes. Most vaping fluids offer a nicotine option alongside common nicotine-free flavors.

Almost every shop carries both nicotine-infused and nicotine-free options. All you need to do is pick the one you prefer.

You Can Also Reduce Your Nicotine Intake

An advantage to vaping over smoking is the fact that you get to choose how much nicotine you want. You don’t just get the option of loading a select amount into your vape pen. The flavor you load it with can also vary in terms of how much nicotine it has.

Nicotine strengths can vary between none at all, to 36mg. A traditional cigarette has around 16mg of nicotine in it, so only choose a higher dosage if you’re a heavy smoker. Then, over time, you can reduce the strength of your vaping fluid until you’re no longer dependent on it.

Keep Your Vape Charged

One reason people usually start smoking is because they can do it practically anywhere. All you need to do is step outside and light a cigarette.

You can do the same with vaping – as long as you keep your vape pen charged.

Make it a habit to keep your vape hardware charged by either plugging it in before you go to sleep or right when you wake up. The battery will usually last all day, and you won’t risk picking smoking back up just because it doesn’t need to be charged.

Choose Flavors You Actually Enjoy

One of the biggest reasons people usually give up on quitting smoking is that they don’t usually find a replacement. You can’t just throw away a pack and expect to never pick it up again. Instead, you need to find something else to occupy your time.

Vaping can be that. Explore the wide array of flavor options and find one you prefer. That way, vaping can be something you actually look forward to, rather than something you feel like you have to.

The Best First Time Vaping Tips Are Ones That Work For You

Everyone starts vaping for different reasons, and people stay in the community for their own reasons too. That means the best first time vaping tips are ones that let you explore vaping for yourself. Try to pick up some smoke tricks, or try different flavors.

All that matters is that you enjoy it!

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