STG Divorce Law, formerly known as Sullivan Taylor, Gumina & Palmer, P.C.,  has rebranded itself to better represent its mission of providing their clients with a better view.


Naperville, IL – March 22, 2021 –  One of the things we talk to our clients about is the importance of hiring the right divorce lawyer. We realized that each one of our clients is going through major changes in their life and being forced to adapt, while most law firms, STG included, had done very little to adapt with clients over time.

Last year, we took on the challenge of reinventing and innovating our brand. After a complete review of our business to find how we could better serve our clients, we learned there had been major shifts in how our clients live and work. Despite this, we realized that most firms in the divorce and family law industry, us included, had done very little to change with the times, creating a disconnect between our firm and the needs of the clients we serve. We felt it was time to modernize our firm, streamline our technology, and simplify our branding to better represent our mission of providing clients with “A Better View”.

As a part of this rebranding process, we worked to capture and define the true needs of our customers and the essence of what it means to be Chicagoland’s top divorce law firm

“Our vision is to become the most trusted, and most innovative law firm in our industry,” said Raif Palmer, Managing Partner “and our mission is to build a better view for our clients. The rebranding is not purely cosmetic—we’ve taken this opportunity to evolve and improve our approach in the market as a whole. We continually strive to be better at everything that we do, every day, for every client.”.

STG Divorce Law specializes in divorce law and also represents clients in matters of child-related issues, family law, mediation, and high net worth.

The firm has a diverse team of attorneys with a wide variety of experience and skills, making this legal team one of the best in the Chicagoland area!

Maureen Sullivan Taylor, the firm’s founder, emphasized the importance each attorney brings to the table, “Having a team with a diversity of backgrounds and skillsets is crucial in being able to help our clients.”

One particularly unique feature that can be found on the STG Divorce Law website is the library section. Here, users can find a treasure trove of information relating to the various legal topics.

Clients can read about insights, legal advice, news, and many other helpful resources. 

Overall, when it comes to divorce and family law attorneys, there is none better than STG Divorce Law. For more information, you can visit their website at

About STG Divorce Law: Formerly known as Sullivan Taylor, Gumina & Palmer, P.C., STG Divorce Law is a premium divorce firm based out of Naperville, Illinois. They specialize in divorce, child-related issues, family law, mediation, and high net worth.

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Raiford D. Palmer, Chief Operating Officer
STG Divorce Law, 1250 East Diehl Road, Suite 400, Naperville, IL, 60563