Sterling Data Company uses technology to identify donors, advise you on the best donor targets based on your goals, and maximize fundraising for political campaigns, PACs, nonprofits, and charitable organizations. 


United States, January 03, 2023 — Sterling Data Company is an enterprise helping people all over America to maximize fundraising for political campaigns, PACs, nonprofits, and charitable organizations. They accomplish this feat using unparalleled AI-driven targeting and Tier 1 contact data intelligence.  

Their AI-driven targeting can pinpoint people most likely to become engaged, sustained supporters. They have over 500 relevant behavioral data points on donors, from their giving capacity to their magazine subscriptions and online behavior. Additionally, they use technology to identify donors and give advice based on your goals. 

One of Sterling’s most significant assets is that they always identify the best donors. Their precise AI verification system identifies donors’ primary email addresses and confirms their mobile numbers, giving you accurate, high-quality contact data. In the 2022 cycle alone, they’ve supported more than 1,000 Democratic campaigns. 

Among the top-quality services that Sterling Data Company offers, clients will be able to find: 

  1. List Acquisitions: Thanks to AI-driven donor targeting, their list acquisitions top 100% ROI within three months, with some lists returning total value within a month. Over 95% of all Sterling emails are highly active, confirmed primary email addresses that actually belong to their targets. Similarly, their mobile information far outpaces the competition in accuracy and performance. 
  2. Call Time Lists: All Sterling contacts undergo a rigorous verification process which means fewer bad calls and more time spent raising money for your campaign. 
  3. P2P Texting List Rentals: Most of their texting campaigns return 100% ROI within 48 hours or less. Their team of experienced texting strategists will draft content for you that is proven to rise above industry standards. 
  4. Mobile Enrichment: Texting is revolutionizing Democratic campaigns. However, most campaigns do not have mobile numbers to text. So, many turn to mobile acquisition to attain mobile supporters. While mobile acquisition is an excellent way to gain new supporters, campaigns often fail to realize the untapped value in their existing lists. Therefore, Sterling recommends first enriching your current supporter list with mobile numbers and then acquiring mobiles for new supporters to maximize cost efficiency and ROI. 

Where should you start? They have no minimums, so you can try out their data and see the Sterling advantage. After you get in touch, they’ll have you complete a targeting survey to customize the targeting to your specific needs. They’ll need any existing list or hash file. Once you know which product you’re interested in and have a set budget, they’ll start production. *Note that P2P does have a $500 minimum. 

For more information about their top-quality services, visit You can rest assured that they’ll achieve success for your campaign. They’ll start with a targeting survey to better understand your needs and go from there! 

Contact Info: 

Organization: Sterling Data Company 
Phone: 202 701 8709 
Email: [email protected]