Thanks to The Diamond Bar, St Louis residents have enjoyed a fun and exciting engagement ring shopping experience for three years. This jewelry store is not your ordinary gems dealer where you walk in, ask around for a stone, pay for it and leave. Instead, The Diamond Bar combines jewelry shopping with cocktails, where clients can enjoy a drink as they learn about engagement rings and choose their favorite pieces. Learn more here. 


St Louis, MO, May 14, 2022— Shopping for engagement rings and wedding bands is not a walk in the park, and most people find the whole experience daunting. Some even feel like it’s an interview with the conversation leaning towards the jeweler, leaving the customer unsure if what they picked is right for them. 

Fortunately, jewelry stores are transforming how customers shop for their Engagement Rings, wedding bands, and other gems. One custom jewelry store has even gone overboard to make its clients comfortable by creating a real bar with cocktails. Located on Clayton Road in St Louis, The Diamond Bar combines luxury shopping experiences with world-class craftsmanship.

Chris Phillips, an alumnus of the Gemological Institute of America, launched the Jewelry store in 2019, bringing over two decades of experience in creating, repairing, caring for, and selling jewelry. He put up a one-of-a-kind business where clients can enjoy a drink as they interact with the ‘bartender’ stone experts and choose their favorite engagement rings and other stones.

“Shopping for engagement rings doesn’t have to be hard for anyone,” said Phillips.

 “For three years now, The Diamond Bar has transformed how our clients shop for their wedding rings, engagement rings, chains, and other gems through fun and exciting interactions at the store. It has been amazing to show the people of St Louis how fun and enjoyable jewelry shopping can be. They get to sit down and enjoy a drink without feeling rushed or pressured to buy a particular stone.” 

The Diamond Bar is also a learning center. Phillips and his team are experts in gemology and will teach clients what to look for in a diamond, Wedding Bands, watches, and other valuable stones. Here, customers will learn the four C’s of a diamond; color, clarity, cut, and carat. 

“We don’t just sell engagement rings at The Diamond Bar; we offer a wholesome learning experience for customers to make informed decisions. In addition to suggesting the best beverage for you, our ‘bartenders’ will answer all your jewelry-related questions and guide you on the shopping journey,” added Phillips.

The Diamond Bar is the go-to engagement rings store for those looking for Quality, Customizable Stones. Customers can visit the store to discuss custom designs or resize, repair, and restore stones. Moreover, the jeweler sources diamonds locally and ethically to ensure accountability and sustainability. 

In the three years they have been around, they have received two accolades for quality customer service and products; the Town & Style Top 100 and Platinum List 2020 awards.

About the Diamond Bar: The Diamond Bar is a jewelry and watches store blending luxury, creativity, and customized craftsmanship. It offers an intimate experience by providing a relaxing atmosphere where customers can sip their favorite drinks while shopping for jewelry. 

Contact Information:

Name: Chris Phillips
Organization: The Diamond Bar
Phone Number: 314.548.5100