SPLNC partners with advanced legal nurses to provide attorneys with the information they need to be better prepared and more efficient.


Oscoda, MI, March 1, 2022 — SPLNC legal nurse consultants are advanced, medical-legal experts. They assist attorneys and their staff by analyzing medical records and creating supporting reports for medically-related cases and have extensive and ongoing professional training, proven skills and necessary experience.

SPLNC also provides support to attorneys for Worker’s Compensation, Product Liability and any case where health, illness or injury is the core or a critical component of a legal matter.

What is an advanced legal nurse consultant?

An advanced legal nurse consultant is recognized and in good standing by the International & American Association of the Legal Nurse IndustryCMM. It is imperative to have an advanced legal nurse consultant to provide services to review and report on notes, files, documents and other reports from healthcare providers. For state and Federal compliance and work-product efficiency, there are critical steps involving patient care that can be essential to a case’s successful outcome. Often it starts in the emergency room and requires anaesthesia, cardiology, dialysis, gastroenterology, IV therapy, whether in or out of an Operating Room; SPLNC provides trained, experience analysis and develops necessary reports on the implications.

Among their variety of top-quality services, you’ll be able to find:

  1. Medical Record Interpretation: Their legal nurse consultants do the detective work needed to obtain and interpret medical records, giving attorneys vital insight into their cases.
  2. Expert Witness Report Analyzation: They seek to provide understandable, logical, and fully explanatory information without being too technical not to be understood by a jury.
  3. Interrogatories Preparation: They narrow down the critical issues of a medical case by receiving expert assistance in the discovery and preparation phases.

Some of SPLNC’s most significant assets is that they provide, affordable and cost-effective services for you to gain invaluable insight from experts in the field at affordable rates. They’ll also help you with your time saving since their legal nurse consultants save attorneys time by educating them on the medical aspects of their cases.

SPLNC looks closely at all treatments, including post-operative wound-care, rehabilitation, implications to occupational health accommodations, and other after-care records. SPLNC reports may include examining plastic and reconstructive surgery regardless of purpose and treatment for any needs that might impact public health.

In sum, SPLNC legal nurse Team provides in-depth knowledge of medical care and healthcare-related subjects to ensure attorneys and their office staff are better prepared and more efficient. While the above is a comprehensive list, there are additional services that SPLNC can provide, beginning with interpreting existing data to help formulate questions for depositions/interrogatories.

Shaun Sever, LCP-C, is the founder and owner of SPLNC & Associates, LLC, Legal Nurse Consulting. Shaun is a Registered Nurse and is certified as an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant. Her education includes a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and an Associate Degree in Nursing.

For more information about their top-quality services, visit https://splegalnurse.com/. Because time is money, hire a legal nurse consultant!

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