Split Patron announces an innovative Expense Sharing and List Sharing app set to launch soon on both iOS and Android platforms. The platform revolutionizes event planning by providing users with a seamless experience for splitting and tracking expenses, managing shared shopping lists, and facilitating in-app messaging.


Fort Worth, TX, November 22, 2023— Split Patron is pleased to announce its revolutionary app designed to transform how you plan and execute your events, whether it’s a high-stakes campaign, a casual get-together, or Rent Splitting. With its unique blend of expense sharing and list sharing features, Split Patron simplifies the complexities of coordinating activities and managing finances with friends and families.

As the latest addition to the world of Expense Sharing and Splitting Apps, Split Patron is set to make waves with its imminent release on both iOS and Android platforms. The app aims to redefine the social planning landscape, providing users with a seamless and user-friendly experience for splitting expenses and creating shared lists.

One of Split Patron’s standout features is its ‘Share Shopping List’ functionality, allowing users to effortlessly create and manage shared lists for various occasions. Whether it’s compiling travel essentials, planning a shopping spree, or organizing the perfect party, Split Patron ensures that everyone involved is on the same page.

Gone are the days of tedious calculations and awkward financial conversations. With Split Patron, users can bid farewell to the complexities of expense management, as the app allows them to record and split expenses effortlessly. This streamlined process not only ensures transparency but also simplifies the task of keeping track of financial contributions, eliminating the need for cumbersome calculations. The user-friendly features of Split Patron make settling debts among friends a hassle-free experience, contributing to a seamless and enjoyable financial coordination for all involved.

Furthermore, Split Patron recognizes the importance of communication within a shared planning platform. The ‘Chat and Share’ feature enables users to send reminders, seek clarifications, or engage in casual conversations, all within the Split Patron platform. This integrated messaging system enhances collaboration and ensures that everyone involved is well-informed and connected throughout the planning process.

“We are thrilled to introduce Split Patron to the world. Our vision is to simplify the way people plan and execute events with their friends, whether it’s a grand campaign or a simple weekend gathering,” said Dipendra Pokharel, the visionary behind Split Patron. “Split Patron is not just an app; it’s a solution to the everyday challenges of coordinating expenses and creating shared lists. We believe that by bringing these features together in a seamless and intuitive platform, we can enhance the overall social planning experience.”

About Split Patron:

Split Patron is a cutting-edge Expense Sharing and List Sharing app set to launch soon on both iOS and Android platforms. With a mission to simplify social planning, Split Patron provides users with a one-stop solution for splitting expenses, creating shared lists, and facilitating communication within a single, user-friendly platform.

Contact Information:

Organization: Split Patron

Contact Person: Dipendra Pokharel

Phone Number: 2144630325

Address: 7848 Whitney Ln, Fort Worth, TX

Website: https://www.splitpatron.com