Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 20, 2020 — SpeedySep offers a variety of essential services for companies that produce t-shirts. These include color separations, vectorizing, logo design, 3D effects, and custom mockups. Backed by SpeedySep’s in house team of experienced artists and designers, clients can receive their work within 6 hours and on weekends if needed.

“This greatly speeds up the process of taking t-shirts to production. It lets shops greatly reduce their production times while saving lots of money. We’re offering them a recipe for greater profits. Over 500 businesses now rely on us,” said Dan Nestelbaum, founder of

SpeedySep started designing t-shirts a decade ago. At the time none of the online platforms offered the digital services designers needed. So they created their own.

Now they turn out an endless stream of designs ready for printing. Users can upload their image to be separated into 4 colors process within 24 hours. SpeedySep artists can also recreate a client’s fuzzy jpeg so it can be used for high-quality printing.

For the client who has an idea, but no design, SpeedySep can create a professional design and present it to the customer for approval. Their process is transparent with lots of opportunities for clients to comment or request a modification.

In the end, customer satisfaction is king. Any client who is not satisfied can get a full refund. And the first graphic is free.

“Shops quickly realize our low cost, high quality, and super fast service are the smart way to super charge their business. SpeedySep is the most cost-efficient graphic design house in the market,” Nestelbaum said.

SpeedySep is currently in negotiations to finalize their first round of VC investment in the company. This will be the next important step in expanding services to add to their success as the leader in the industry.

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