At the beginning of 2020, “appreneurs” are continuing to drive the disruptive innovations’ culture. In the new year, 10 companies joined the club of unicorns, startups worth more than a billion. The 8 out of 10 are digital startups.

And that is the main reason why SpdLoad is here – to help entrepreneurs build market-driven & customer-focused digital products.

But why do you actually need a guide in the entrepreneurship journey?

There are a few reasons to learn how to outsource web development successfully:
1. It’s a cost-saving way to wisely create product blueprint and MVP
2. You will work with experts, that have done development of dozen of startup applications
3. Experienced product managers will build a lean-based process of validation idea and validation of business hypotheses together with you

Thus, from a business point of view, it is much more profitable to start without extra costs and risky investments. It’s the first step to become a revenue and growth-oriented entrepreneur. Instead of a typical dreamy startup founder.

How you could join the unicorn club? Firstly, you should build a Minimum Viable Product. Even 5 years ago, it could be a rough set of core features. In 2020 you need an attractive mvp design if you want to transform users into customers.

The second thing is innovation. It sounds vague, but in fact, it is either an old solution to a new problem or a new solution to an old problem. Familiar to you, and should be, your favorite startups just demonstrate innovation – Uber, Dropbox, Airbnb.

But there is a different approach to innovation. Make the application better than the existing one. And based on this, here in SpdLoad, we conducted an in-depth study of how to make an app like tinder.

Because your own dating app is a very good starting point. Since this is an application that can be easily rebuilt from competitors, with an attractive design and involving mechanics.

Thus, if you want to break out of the corporate world and break into an exciting journey of the world of entrepreneurship, welcome to SpdLoad, a company, that kickstarts startups’ products.

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