South Florida, July 22, 2021 — South Florida artisanal food producer Coco Fine Foods has taken first place in the 2021 International Flavor Awards with their Blueberry Violet Jam. The Flave Awards is one of the world’s premier culinary competitions, providing artisanal businesses an opportunity to showcase their original products. (See the list of winners at

Coco Fine Foods combines traditional techniques with modern gastronomy to create a playful, thought-provoking fusion of flavor, texture, and aroma. Their seasonal jams use the finest-quality, fresh, organic fruit, often locally sourced in Florida, and heirloom-variety spices sourced directly from artisanal farmers and boutique spice estates around the world.

Their Blueberry Violet jam combines local, organic, Florida blueberries with French violet to create a product that is elegant in its simplicity. Company founder Catherine Nolan suggests pairing it with soft goat cheese, chocolate cake, and prosecco. Her favorite way of showcasing the jam is to place a teaspoon in an interesting glass, top it off with Prosecco or champagne, and garnish with a lemon twist.

“It makes an intriguing cocktail with artful flair that all starts with a jar of jam.” Catherine enjoys demonstrating to customers the versatility of jam: “We can carry it through the day, from a spoonful in a morning smoothie or warmed oats to an ingredient in a mid-day salad dressing to the cocktail hour charcuterie or as a glaze on an evening meal or dessert.”

The award-winning Blueberry Violet is part of a range of jams and artisanal spices. Other customer favorites include the Florida-inspired Pink Flamingo, a guava jam with delicate flavors of strawberry, pear, and citrus notes, and the luxurious Raspberry Vanilla Jam, using fresh Madagascar vanilla bean.

“It means so much to us that our Blueberry Violet Jam was recognized by the Flave Awards as it’s our signature flavor, inspired by an exquisite plated dessert created by our brand ambassador, Vincent Catala, an award-winning French chef and educator based in Miami,” says Catherine.

About Catherine Nolan: Catherine Nolan is trained to Michelin level in French cuisine and pastry. Her culinary interests started early. Born in Scotland, she grew up between Ireland, the US, and South America, and the rituals of culinary tradition gave structure to a nomadic childhood. As an adult living in Europe, she continued her culinary explorations, as she savored and drew inspiration from the markets of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Coco Fine Foods products encapsulate the diversity of sensory elements she has encountered through her travels.

Her many years as a practicing psychotherapist informs and underpins her culinary sensibility with a storytelling narrative. “I believe that everything emotional and living can be sublimated into food and communicated to others creatively through cooking.  There’s a delicate dance between a cook and those we cook for – we are offering something of ourselves, and those who eat it are interpreting its meaning.”

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