Miami, FL, March 11, 2022— CRO, which stands for Conversion Rate Optimization, is in full swing. This concept, which may be trending in the digital world, enables companies that sell online to increase their revenue and improve their online performance significantly.

CRO focuses on focusing all efforts on optimizing the website to improve the conversion rate.

For this reason, Solved Puzzle, a digital marketing agency in Miami, has specialized in the development of CRO as a new service, allowing their clients to observe how all the traffic coming to their websites ends up achieving the expected results: selling and improving visibility!

Solved Puzzle is a marketing and web design agency with over +10 years of experience. They directly ensure that all websites that do not convert, no matter how much traffic they have, are making an effort and wasting resources on methods that do not generate optimal results.

The new CRO service they offer is built to analyze what you have to do to get users to buy once they arrive or discover your online store.

Jorge Barros, the CEO of Solved Puzzle, kept three premises before developing and thinking about this new CRO service they launched:

“If you are not on the internet, you don’t exist…” of course, it is the beginning for every online store and its ways to generate reach. Still, the work doesn’t end there “…if you are not found on the internet, you don’t exist…”.

This premise is super important since SEO entered as a protagonist: helping the brands to be found in the big world of the internet. Finally, another premise has to be fulfilled to improve revenue, and we find it in the following sentence: “…if you don’t convert, you don’t exist”. And this is where CRO comes into play, which is the essence of their service.

The CRO service offered by Solved Puzzle helps you convert. We are not just talking about selling. Within its package, we can find many types of conversion. Solved Puzzle’s Conversion Rate Optimization increases the conversion rate into sales and customers, even if the traffic remains the same. SEO has little to do with it.

Well, the CRO work they do ranges from making significant changes and improvements to your website. Everything that involves changing the user experience to have more guarantees of converting your visitors into customers.

The years of experience they gained working for Local Businesses in Miami have led them to understand and improve through Google Analytics. Like where it comes from, where it goes, and where they have converted (or left the website without converting).

All this data is used to improve the CRO campaign and make the most of the resources.

Solved Puzzle takes a thorough analysis phase to develop several hypotheses for improvement and make the best decision for cases that are usually more complex.

With this new service, Solved Puzzle seeks to involve ecommerce optimization services in an inbound marketing project since, precisely, the added value here is the continuous improvement of results for its customers. This way, they can adapt to new market trends in content and design, the new demands of Google, and the factors that help us climb positions naturally or organically.

About Solved Puzzle: Over the last 10 years, our digital marketing agency in Miami has been helping companies create amazing websites and launch successful digital marketing strategies that generate a positive return on investment. We serve different industries such as beauty, consumer goods, clothing, luxury products, among others. Our solutions include corporate websites, eCommerce/online stores, PPC campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising & email marketing services.

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