Solios Watches, an innovative and sustainable, fashionable watch company, has just recently released their new Make-A-Wish edition watches! The new line of watches was designed by the founders of Solios Watches with the intent of accompanying families in support of the Make-A-Wish foundation’s work with children with critical illnesses. Solios Watches is in the business of enacting change and being a part of environmental sustainability. 


Montreal, QC, 12 November 2020 – Local Quebec fashionable watch company, Solios Watches, has just recently released a new line of sustainable watches for their Make-A-Wish edition! The new line of watches was designed and created by the founders of Solios Watches, who are long-time volunteers of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, with the intent of accompanying families in support of the foundation’s work with children that have critical illnesses. As the founders are big believers of the foundation’s efforts, they have “vowed to raise $25,000 for the foundation with the release of their most fashionable Make A Wish limited edition watch! Solios Watches is in the business of enacting change and being part of environmental sustainability with each item made and sold. The highly-rated company is based out of Montreal and continues to be one of the most innovative companies that has jumped on the solar-power movement!

By offering both men’s and women’s watches, Solios Watches aims at continuing on the road to their goal of “Thinking Differently. More Responsibly.,” as their commitment to a more sustainable world is evident in every watch made. Watches are considered one of the oldest industries of fashion and the team at Solios develops new and eco-friendly watches to “show the world [their] desire to disrupt an old industry.” 

Solios Watches is proud to be a company that is continuously developing new and improved sustainable fashion that not only looks great, but helps the world! For more information about their Make-A-Wish Foundation edition, please visit

About Solios Watches: Solios Watches has developed the finest solar-powered and sustainable watch. If all battery operated watches were to function using a solar-powered movement, they estimate their efforts could eliminate the need to produce more than 300 million batteries per year. Made from durable and sustainable materials, Solios built a powerful fashion statement to fight fast fashion and promote a responsible way to consume. From the packaging to the movement, and the manufacturing process, everything was carefully thought to allow people to consume responsibly with style, without any compromise.

Featuring a unique Blue Dial Watch that includes an engraving of the foundation, and a unique strap, the limited Make-A-Wish Foundation edition comes in only 500 units and that gives back $50 to the foundation! With the power of solar technology, each watch features a minimalist design with the convenience of only needing two hours of sunlight for six months of power! This is by far the most “efficient way to recharge” your most fashionable watch and only encourages your wanting to stay outdoors! For more information about Solios Watches, please visit

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