Pinellas Park, FL, August 12, 2020 – Solar Turtle is now offering an easy way for homeowners to help save the sea turtles and the environment, without using metal straws!  Solar Turtle has partnered with the Florida Aquarium to offer a $5 donation per power bill that is submitted to our new stop the waste program.

What is the Solar Turtle “Stop the waste program”?

Solar Turtle’s stop the waste program allows homeowners to see where they are losing power and how their power bill stacks up to similar homes in the Tampa Bay Area. 

Top things uncovered on the Solar Turtle “Stop the Waste Program”.

  1. Leaking AC DUCTS- Avg. savings $50-$150 per month
  2. AC systems with dirty filters and or evaporator coils $25-$75 per month
  3. Hot water system that is old and outdated $35-$50 per month
  4. Old windows and doors that do not properly seal $40-$90 per month
  5. Plugged in appliances such as 2nd fridges that are not used $20-$50 per month
  6. No insulation or limited insulation in the roof $50-$90 per month
  7. Inefficient pool pump $50-$75 per month

These items may seem small on a monthly basis but on an annual a lifetime basis they can really add up. 

Solar Turtle will also provide you with a proposal to address not only the energy leaks in your home but also a proposal to have solar power added to your home.  Homes that have roofs that are less than 10 years old with good southern exposure will likely be presented a zero out of pocket solar proposal.

All solar proposals will include payment plans that will save on average between $50-$250 dollars per month on your energy bill not to mention the benefits to the environment!

Currently in the Tampa Bay Area solar installation has gone from 3% penetration to a forecasted 5% by the end of 2021.  This would mean that one out of 20 homes will have solar by the end of next year. The government is offering an incentive of up to $7,500 dollars just to add the panels on your roof.  That is like another much needed stimulus that is on top of your additional savings.

Solar Turtle is helping homeowners save the environment and put much needed cash in their pocket.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Solar Turtle
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