Solar Decision Guide

Our primary goal is to educate qualified homeowners on the benefits of residential and commercial solar PV energy systems and storage. When you purchased your home, you were automatically signed up to buy power from your utility provider because there was no other option. Now you have the choice to generate affordable, clean energy straight from your home!

Guide to Buying Solar Panels

At Forme Solar, our mission is to provide consumers with the right education and transparency to help with their solar purchase. Forme Solar’s Solar Decision Guide will help you evaluate solar panel quality, choose solar panels for your home, and find the right installer. Find the right resources to ensure that you feel confident about going solar.

How to Choose a Solar Installer

It is essential to find a solar company that you trust. Forme Solar can help you find an experienced and qualified installer.

Different types of solar companies

Know which solar companies to work with, when.

What to look for when evaluating a solar installer?

Evaluate the best installer for your home.

How to Choose Solar Equipment

Forme Solar will help you select high-quality solar panels and inverters for your solar panel system. Know what to look for and when brands actually matter.

What causes solar panels to fail?

Solar panels are extremely reliable, but issues can arise.

What should every shopper know about Solar?

It is essential to find a solar company that you trust. To make any kind of informed decision, it all starts with education. In order to understand if going solar can help you save money, it is important to know how solar power works from the technology to the components to the impact on your home value after going solar.

What is solar power?

Find out how solar works, and how you can benefit from solar energy.

What is Solar Net Metering?

After going solar, the method of billing will be updated to NEM (Net Energy Metering).

Solar PV and Home Value

How solar impacts your resale value is a common concern. But did you know that going solar can not only increase your home value, but you can sell your home faster as well?

What parts make up a solar energy system?

Ever wonder what components make up a solar energy system? Solar panels are a critical component but there are a lot of other pieces of solar equipment to know and understand.

What causes solar panels to fail?

Solar panels are made to last and perform for years. But there are a few common, preventable ways that your panel’s performance could be impacted.

Useful Solar Links

Solar Acronym Guide

Solar FAQs

How to cover the cost of going solar?

Do you want to determine how much you can save with solar energy? Forme Solar is here to help you navigate through one of the most challenging questions.

Should you Lease or Own your PV system?

Compare the two major financing choices when you go solar.

Understanding the price you pay for solar

Get a break down of the pricing costs of how going solar, and how much money it will cost.

How will solar increase the value of my home?

Research has shown that going solar will increase the value of your home.

What Happens After Going Solar?

How Net Metering Impacts my Bill

Learn more about how solar net metering can help you save on your electricity bill and find out how you can make money through it with Forme Solar.

The benefits of Net Metering

Net Metering may be the biggest change to getting solar.

Solar Maintenance & Management

After you go solar, learn how to best take care of your solar power system, and what is required to ensure that your panels last for years.

How to Maintain and Manage Your Solar PV System

Post installation care of your solar system