The mother-daughter duo at SOL + SPIRIT have created a business with a mission that goes beyond profit by selling products that are zero waste.


January 21, 2021 – It is not uncommon to find businesses who are in it for more than just money, and SOL + SPIRIT is one of them. The company is run by a mother and her daughter with the ultimate goal of creating products that are reusable. SOL + SPIRIT specializes in shopping bags. Whether you need a tote bag or something to carry your fresh fruit in, this dynamic duo has you covered! Retailers who want to get in on the trend can buy wholesale and contribute to the cause as well. By selling wholesale, there is more opportunity to make a greater difference in reducing the amount of plastic used by shoppers everywhere. The co-owners had some powerful words to say regarding their motives, “Our passion for protecting the planet has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future.” Whether you buy wholesale or retail, SOL + SPIRIT has you covered!

However, the team does not stop at simply selling these remarkable bags; a blog, as well as a “how to care” section, can be found on the website as well. These sections of the website serve to educate the public on how to live a more eco-friendly life. “Spreading awareness about the necessity of saving our planet is just as important as selling eco-friendly products,” said Megan Kioulafofski, whose studies in Environmental Science help fuel the content of the blogs. The pair also donates 10% of all earnings to help clean up our oceans. 

To ensure every single customer is satisfied, a chat function has been added so customers can inquire about products at any time of the day. Customers can also find a guide on how to care for your new bag so as to ensure a long-lasting product. One big point of concern for many online customers is wondering when their beloved package will show up, but SOL + SPIRIT has taken care of this issue by adding a feature to track your package! And they get bonus points for shipping your package completely plastic-free!

To put all the skeptics to rest, the team has also provided a section explaining exactly how the cotton for the bags is made. The cotton is grown in India, without harmful pesticides or toxic chemicals. The cultivation process of the cotton is fueled by wind power, and the manufacturing process is run by 98% solar energy.

This determined team goes above and beyond their obligation to our planet. The importance of knowledge is emphasized on this site with easy to understand guides on how to live an environmentally friendly life, with tons of tips and fun facts along the way! For more information on the products, as well as how you can make a serious difference on this planet, visit


SOL + SPIRIT are a family-owned, women-owned business dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of living a plastic-free life. They carry out this goal by selling reusable produce and handbags, both retail and wholesale. All the bags are made of organic cotton.

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