SoilFLO helps construction and environmental teams save time and reduce costs on tracking, record-keeping, and compliance by helping earthmovers make better decisions. With SoilFLO, developers, consultants, and contractors are changing how they approach their earthworks. 


Toronto, Ontario, 22 June 2022— SoilFLO allows construction and environmental teams to save time and reduce tracking, record-keeping, and compliance costs by helping earthmovers make better decisions. With SoilFLO, thousands of developers, consultants, and contractors have changed their approach to earthworks. 

The story behind this company’s creation began when Co-Founders Kevin Goldberg and Adam Matyja experienced the challenges of earthmoving projects first-hand. From progress tracking, ticket reconciliation, and lack of information, they developed a basic MVP to help sites manage loads in and out. Once they decided to create SoilFLO, their first two customers were a Fortune 50 company and a $12B infrastructure project. From this point, they knew they were on to something. Fast-forward two years later: SoilFLO has developed a full ecosystem for earthworks. Today, developers, contractors, and consultants use their  soil management software  to manage risk since it reduces repetitive processes and tracks progress. 

Their  fill site manager tool will lead to more efficient site operations by tracking and managing earthworks without paper load sheets and manual reconciliation. By using SoilFLO’s eTicketing and two-point verification, fill sites are able to improve oversight with comprehensive data collection to ensure accuracy and integrity. Meanwhile,  their project dashboards enable contractors to create more accurate budgets and timelines.  

SoilFLO was developed to require as few touchpoints from the field as possible. Project Managers do not have to chase field staff for information, and haulers’ input is not required when tracking loads. Read more below on  how soil management software works

  1. Create Your Site on SoilFLO: Enter basic information such as project name, material budgets, and location. 
  2. Invite Internal and External Parties: Your site will become one central location for data to be collected, shared, and stored amongst all parties involved. 
  3. Link to 3rd Party Sites: Directly connect your site to receiving sites for real-time confirmation. For third-party sites not on SoilFLO, other automation for load reconciliation is available. 
  4. Create Approvals to Begin Hauling: Project Managers manage excavation in the field by creating hauling approvals for specified materials and locations. 
  5. Leverage Data to Increase Efficiency: Project dashboards, hauler management features, and automated compliance reporting drive efficiency across your team. 

Among the most significant company assets, you’ll find that transparency is vital in all of their processes, offering their clients the freedom to explore new ideas they believe can create value. But if you’re still not sure about hiring their top-quality services, you’ll want to check out these customers reviews:  

“SoilFLO provides us with a valuable tool for evidencing the integrity of circular economy. The tool helps us demonstrate beneficial reuse and the fulfillment of commitments made to customers,” – Kirsten Groody, from LafargeHolclm. 

“SoilFLO lets me deal with issues as they come up, rather than when we collect dump tickets a month later. This reduces the time it takes our team to track down information and investigate along with CTS liability,” – Karim Hosny, Soil Operations Manager from Crosslinx Transit Solutions. 

If you’re looking to reduce tracking, record-keeping, and compliance costs, SoilFLO is the best available offer. Visit to find out more information about their top-quality services. 

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Address: 1552 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G 3B6, Canada
Phone: +1 (833) 967-7645