soccer betting 101

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If you’re looking for ways to increase your sports betting bankroll, then you must check out how to bet on soccer. As the world’s most popular sport, soccer is a must-know sport if you want to take advantage of the sportsbooks.

Soccer is a sport that is played across the world for 9-12 months out of the year, meaning tons of sports betting action if you have enough knowledge on the sport. With countless leagues and competitions, the opportunities for betting on soccer are virtually endless.

Soccer Betting 101

● Spread

Spread betting in soccer is no different than spread betting in other sports. Sportsbooks will post a spread line that bettors can take action on. This spread line will tell bettors how many goals a team will have to win by in order to beat the spread.

The goal spread in soccer usually will range from -.5 to -3 or -4 based on the odds of the match. The spread bet is a popular wager for soccer bettors due to the ability of teams to keep a game close.

Experienced and educated bettors will be able to sift through the countless soccer games to find a couple of games that have favorable spread betting lines.

● Money line

Soccer betting has an interesting dynamic when betting on the money line. Unlike football and basketball, soccer is not usually decided by overtime. Instead, most league soccer matches can end in a tie, adding another option to the betting lines. Instead of choosing which team will win, bettors also have the option of choosing a draw.

This opens up bettors to the “three-way money line” referring to the three options that bettors can choose.

The three-way money line has both positives and negatives. One plus is that choosing the correct result in a three-way money line can turn out to be very profitable. Since there are three possible outcomes instead of two, an accurate wager will be rewarded.

This adds a whole new dynamic to soccer betting that separates it from other sports. Profitable bettors will be able to see the possibilities of betting on three-way soccer money lines.

Alternate lines offer even more options when betting on the money line of a soccer match. Alternate lines allow bettors to bet on a three-way money line for only half of a game. Check out the soccer alternate lines offered by your favorite sportsbook today.

● Over/under

Like spread betting, over/under soccer betting is fairly straightforward. The over/under betting line expresses an estimation of how many goals will be scored in the match. Bettors who take the under are predicting that the game will end in a lower amount of goals than the over/under line, while bettors who took the over are predicting a game with more goals than the over/under line.

This simple concept is a favorite to many bettors because of the ability to make a safe bet. Soccer games take place more often than any other sporting event (read more below). Soccer games are also a sporting event that will typically be a low scoring affair.

These two characteristics combine to make over/under soccer betting one of the more secure betting types in the sports betting world.

Alternate over/under lines are popular in soccer betting as well. Sometimes, bettors will parlay 3-4 very likely alternate soccer lines in order to make a profitable parlay. For example, a wise bettor would find 3 matches that are expected to be high scoring, preferably a match that has an over/under of three goals or more.

Alternate lines will allow the bettor to make a wager on these games to go over one goal. Stringing alternate lines like these is just one of many ways to take advantage of alternate over/under lines.

Unique aspects of Soccer Betting

Unlike football (NFL, NCAA) and basketball (NBA, NCAA) soccer is a sport that is not dominated by one or two leagues. Instead, soccer has well-known leagues in countries all over the world. Check out some of the interesting characteristics of soccer betting that set it apart from other types of sports betting.

● The number of teams and leagues

As a sports bettor, it is essential to understand the wide variety of betting options that soccer betting offers. Take for example the number of leagues that play high-level soccer. England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and many more European countries have professional soccer leagues.

The highest league in each country is usually the equivalent to the NBA or NFL in competition, guaranteeing quality soccer for the most part.

This is favorable for bettors, as there will usually never be a lack of bettable games. Each league has its own style and pace of play. Studying these different leagues will open up more possibilities in your sports betting game.

● Amount of action

Many sports are great to bet on, but simply don’t happen enough. Football is a great example of this, as the football season is fairly short. College and NFL football only last from August/September until January/February.

Even during the season, the physical nature of football limits teams to understandably only competing once a week. This type of limitation is found in many sports, but not soccer.

Soccer offers sports bettors a huge volume of betting options almost year-round. European leagues tend to start in August and September and continue through May. Teams will also compete in domestic and interleague tournaments throughout the year.

Competitions like the Europa League and the Champions League are examples of the types of tourneys that will be played throughout the soccer season, offering even more variety in the types of competitions to bet on.

Soccer also has international competitions in addition to the regular club season. This international action typically takes place in the summer, which is the offseason for soccer. Tournaments like the World Cup and UEFA European Championship are great examples of the international tournaments that often take place, adding yet another set of games to bet on.


After understanding all of the advantages that come with betting on soccer, sports bettors will see the sport as one with great potential. The wide variety of teams, games, and competitions make soccer one of the most profitable and exciting sports to watch and bet on! Make sure to browse your favorite sportsbook to check out the lines on upcoming soccer matches today!