The freezing temperatures have arrived, which means that the snow, ice, hail and freezing wind are arriving, too! Breaking out the heavy jackets, hats and scarves is great for you, but what do you plan to do about your house? Your house is going to bear the brunt of the impact of the weather, and to prepare your home for the months ahead, you can check out our list below. This list was designed to help you to be prepared, get set and get suited ready for winter. Your house needs your care because the alternative is dealing with breakdowns, climate-related problems and a lot of money spent trying to repair it. Let’s take a look!

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Weather Stripping – It’s A Good Investment.

Sealing the warm air into your home and the cold air out of your home is important for the efficiency of your home. Weather stripping can install quickly prevent air leaks from windows, doors, vents and fans, plumbing areas and air conditioning units, keeping your home warmer.


Clean The Gutters

You can get the professionals in to do this one if you’re not confident with the height, but your gutters are an integral part of your home. They drain the water away from your roof and house and if they’re clogged up, they’re going to cause blockages that will freeze your gutters, causing additional damage. This can lead to floods in the house, so clearing them can prevent that.


Wrap Your Pipes

When it comes to plumbing in the home, preventing frozen pipes is a must. You need to make sure that you buy some insulation to give your pipes a hug this winter. This isn’t expensive, and you can save your home from a flood and really save your insurance premiums from building!


Stock Up!

So, this may not be about preparing your house for an onslaught of snow, but when the drifts hit going to get groceries is going to be impossible. Buying in milk, bread, matches, batteries and duct tape is important – you could get snowed in and you need non-perishables and basics, as well as a way to keep going.


Call A Surgeon

A tree surgeon, that is. The low-hanging trees that just look beautiful in the summer could be a danger in the winter. Long tree branches freeze in the winter and can cause some heavy damage to your home. An appointment with a tree surgeon can make the difference to your home this winter. You could prune back the twigs and branches yourself, but it’s easier to have a professional come in and do it all for you.

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All of these things are going to stop your home from being too badly affected by the winter weather. Looking after yourself with hats and fleeces is the very basic that you must do in the cold weather, the house has to matter, too. Work your way through these tips and you can have the house safe and warm until spring arrives.