Snap SEO, a search engine optimization agency based in Edmonton, has unveiled their new website with self-serve options.


Edmonton, Alberta, 20 October 2021– In the digital world, you can think as small or as big as you want. You have the potential to change the game and level the playing field. Snap SEO is one of the top Alberta SEO agencies around. 

The Edmonton SEO agency can help you define success, build a plan, and reach and measure each milestone to your goals. Their team of industry-leading SEO managers will create a plan that works for you.

The team has just unveiled their new website. This website empowers the user with the new self-service options available. These options make the website easy to navigate.

On the website, you can take a closer look at each and every service offered by Snap SEO. An in-depth breakdown of each service is also available, so you can get a clear picture of each service.

When it comes to SEO benefits, nobody delivers bigger than Snap SEO.

The team will deliver transparent reports of all the work they have completed so you know exactly what you are getting. One of the main things that make Snap SEO different from competitors is that clients enjoy high SERP rankings for the long term.

“At Snap SEO, we believe in long-term results. We ensure your site ranks during not only our service period but also way after that time to ensure you establish a solid online presence,” said the CEO of Snap SEO.

Whether you have two employees or work for a corporation, Snap SEO can help bring you optimal results. This could be anything from commercial to reputation to emotional value.

Snap SEO also has a higher motive than mere business transactions. 

“We are passionate about the good we can do, from content marketing online to helping to make the world a better place.” said a representative from Snap SEO

Snap SEO puts a portion of all profits to charitable organizations each month, as well as to volunteer firefighting efforts.

Snap SEO is an effective company with a high set of moral values. Check out their website today!

About Snap SEO:

We are an SEO (search engine optimization) agency based in Edmonton. We focus on quality over quality and a positive user experience. We believe in online equity, which is all forms of value for a business. Every facet of your business is what defines its worth online. We are open and honest when it comes to our dealings.  We also believe that external communication is an essential element of any business’s communication with potential and existing customers, partners and competitors. However, creating and executing a successful communication strategy is a daunting task that requires a thorough understanding of the market and marketing subtleties. Navigating the world of marketing can be like learning a new language. At Snap SEO, we are geeks who want to create a better world environmentally and socially. You bring the ideas and we can translate marketing geek-speak into English. 

Contact Information: 

Josh Shankowsky
Snap SEO
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5T 6Z8
+1 587 989 7736