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Having pretty white teeth isn’t a pipe dream anymore. In fact, experts predict the global tooth whitening industry will be worth $3.7 billion by 2021.

But with so many over-the-counter products available, is it safe to do-it-yourself? Or should you go for a professional treatment?

Want to smile whiter? We’ll walk you through seven benefits of professional teeth whitening!

1. Get a Customized Treatment

The beauty of professional teeth whitening treatments is they’re customized for each patient. Your dentist can even focus on specific parts of your mouth.

By comparison, over-the-counter products use a one-size-fits-all dental tray. They won’t always fit your mouth exactly.

That means you could end up with patchy results. That’s if they give any result at all.

2. Choose Your Shade

Most at-home kits can only whiten your teeth by one or two shades. That’s because they have less peroxide in them.

With a professional treatment, you get to choose the exact level of whiteness. Your dentist will use the right strength of product to get you the brightness you want.

3. Make Your Smile Whiter with More Reliable Results

You’ll get more even results by visiting your dentist for professional teeth whitening. These treatments are good for moderate to severe discoloration and staining.

Your dentist can also predict how your teeth will react to the bleaching agent. They also know how to work around caps and bridges, which whitening won’t affect.

4. Enjoy Safer Results

Over-the-counter products can damage gums with overuse. Meanwhile, a professional treatment protects the soft tissues of your mouth.

Your dentist will check your teeth are healthy enough for the procedure beforehand. They’ll also give you aftercare tips to prevent sensitive teeth.

5. Your Dentist Knows Best

You should see your dentist regularly for exams and check-ups. If you don’t, then a professional whitening treatment is a good opportunity.

Discolored teeth are normal, thanks to food stains or lifestyle factors. But if they’re much darker, there may be a root canal issue or tooth decay.

Your dentist can fix that issue before they whiten your teeth.

6. Results Last Longer

Because DIY kits have a lower dose of peroxide, you need more applications to get the desired result.

Dentists use thicker gels so the treatment works faster and lasts longer. That means you’ll need fewer treatments to maintain your whiter teeth.

If over-the-counter products work, you can’t predict how long the results will last. And using them too often can cause damage.

7. You’ll Have More Confidence

Having pearly white teeth shows the world that you care about how you look. You’ll also be more likely to smile at others, which makes you more approachable.

Research shows that smiling makes you look both younger and thinner. Getting your teeth whitened could end up cheaper than a facelift.

Enjoy Your Smile Again

We hope this post has given you the confidence to have the professional whitening treatment you deserve.

Treatments are safe, reliable, and the fastest way to boost your confidence.

If you want to make your smile whiter, why not book an appointment with us today?