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London, UK, 15 Dec 2021 — Portugal has always attracted visitors from around the world. In fact, since it became one of the early European masters of the seas, it’s been a melting pot of cultures from all over the globe. And recently, due to the “golden visa” program, among others, people around the world are moving and willing to make Portugal their home.

Now, thanks to Smart Citizenship the process to get it will be much easier since they’ll analyze your situation from multiple perspectives (Marital status, age, employment, current citizenships, etc) to offer you the ideal residency/citizenship option or a portfolio of options to cover all bases.

Smart Citizenship has a branch of three services: their network services, the B2B services, and their core services. Their network services consist in providing an ecosystem for the investor to flourish in their new homes by giving turn-key services (as tax planning, company formation, property, and wealth management, among others) by tapping into their vetted network. At their B2B services, they will bring into play their wealth of knowledge in investment immigration, being able to transform distressed or growing product owners such as real estate developers and fund managers/promoters into citizenship by investment and residency powerhouses. And last but not least, their core services will provide expertise in Second Citizenship/Residency Consulting, Investment Consulting, Citizenship/Residency Application, and Document Collection.

Due to the massive interest from people in USA and UK, Smart Citizenship is helping those interested in the Portugal Golden Visa Funds and the Portuguese Golden Visa Investments. Why do people choose to retire in Portugal? It’s simple. If you dream of a place in the sun in Europe, there’s no better option than retiring in Portugal. It’s the perfect combination of beautiful, interesting, historic, fun, safe, and affordable. In fact, it is fast becoming one of the premier retirement destinations in Europe.

But how do the taxes work in Portugal? Taxes in Portugal follows the financial regulatory standard set out by the EU but maintain its sovereignty when it comes to setting out its internal tax regimen. For example, Personal income tax is paid on a progressive scale ranging from 14.5 to 48%, depending on the amount earned per year.

And now, for the first time ever: American investors motivated by the Portuguese lifestyle and tax regime overtake the Chinese Golden Visa this November. Since a lot of sophisticated Golden Visa investors see Portugal as an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and foreign research and development companies. It has enormous talent (particularly technical) at a relatively low cost. The scarcity of capital has opened many opportunities for international investors, who are also attracted by Portugal’s security, climate, friendliness, infrastructure, languages, and favorable tax structure.

So if you’re interested in Retiring in Portugal, learn more info on their website about the Best Places to live in Portugal. Visit to find out more about their services and programs.

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