Running a Small Business can be challenging, from searching for fresh client leads to developing an effective marketing strategy, staying on a tight budget can seem near impossible when factoring in additional products and services needed for daily operations. Small Business buying groups can help with immediate savings and an increased budget to help grow and expand your bottom-line.

With 80% of Small Businesses surviving their first year, which may sound significant, but this is primarily because of the capital and financing built before their initial launch. This statistic drops off dramatically to almost half after the fifth year.

Recently, In the past few years, Small Business buying groups have been popping up and rapidly expanding across the country, offering cost-effective solutions to business owners on products and services that they purchase regularly.


Group Buying is widely recognized in the medical industry, offering primarily hospitals and medical providers significant savings through the suppliers and vendors that they order from and a daily basis to maintain and operate their facility.

When combining the total aggregated spend or purchasing power of an extended network of similar professions, it allows for buying groups to negotiate and contract incredible deep-savings with the suppliers and vendors.

A great advantage by joining a purchasing organization is the removal of standard buying commitments, generally required to access pricing at this price point, therefore increasing profits and reducing the need to buy in excess bulk.


Group Buying has risen in popularity in the past few years, and with current shifts in the economy, this has opened up an opportunity for companies such as our buying group MT purchasing to go beyond the healthcare industry to offer this same purchasing solution to the mainstream and everyday business owner.

MT Purchasing has 16 years in the Group Buying Healthcare industry through our parent company, MedTech.  After several years of strategic planning, we have built a unique and effective savings opportunity built for businesses of all sizes.

We offer a straightforward and highly focused savings group, allowing new and existing business owners to access best possible pricing through contracted negotiations to reduce cost and provide an added value to our community by maintaining a risk free and zero membership cost program.


Great Question: Not all buying programs are built equally. Several group buying sites and communities across the nation charge annual fees with additional service or consulting fees. MT Purchasing is committed to offering a free, no commitment membership allowing our member-base to experience unbeatable savings.

At MT Purchasing we are proud to offer a genuine and transparent program that is entirely cost-free, risk-free and service fees free allowing companies to meet their bottom line and drive profits immediately upon becoming a member of our community.

By utilizing and staying true to this method, it makes for an excellent opportunity for businesses of all sizes to see incredible long-term benefits from hiring additional staff to freeing up capital to put towards marketing and other growth strategies ensuring that the 5-year mark is not only achievable but that you will have a bright future ahead.


1. Immediate Increase in Profits and Control Over Your Budget

This is probably one of the most exciting benefits when becoming a member. With members saving an average of 25-30% annually, you can be sure to take a significant step forward and start immediately repositioning these funds into areas that need it the most for the best opportunity for growth.

Accelerated Growth Tip:

We suggest utilizing content marketing and SEO with the additional funds saved, with  internet and video becoming the primary advertising method in today’s marketplace you can be sure to have an increased online presence.

2. No Purchasing Requirements or Commitments

Becoming a member of a Group Buying Program, you save valuable time immediately with vendor and supplier contracts pre-negotiated for you, and wholesale rates become a constant luxury with secured term contracts and pricing. Rest assured that everything is set in place to meet your annual budget year after year and you can forget about having to spend countless hours trying to save or negotiate a good deal.

MT Purchasing combines over $100 Billion in annual purchasing power through an extensive network of medical providers, corporations, and small business owners allowing for great deals passed straight to the business owner offering aggressive pricing that would be impossible to achieve on an individual basis.

Suppliers and Vendors do not require volume or minimum purchasing requirements when joining a purchasing organization. By not having any obligations or volume requirements to meet, you can free up additional space in the office from excess bulk buying that may have once been a regular occurrence, and allows for small purchasing orders meaning a decrease in upfront costs.

With over 16 years in the industry, we have always found it exciting when bringing on a new client and seeing them in shock with the first initial pricing analysis of projected savings and this is what continues to drive us into the future to provide genuine and transparent cost solutions.

3. Access to Supplier and Vendor Relationships

When becoming a member of a group buying organization, the savings are not the only advantage; you also gain full access to their supplier portfolio and important relationships, allowing for exclusive access to products and services and enhanced supply chain solutions with the countries leading purchasing contracts. Members have full access to the same negotiated terms available to major corporations.

Building these strong partnerships would be a time-consuming process on a small scale. Between the savings and supplier relationships, you can rest assured that the best possible opportunity for growth and success is on your side and you can quickly dominate your niche and business allowing for quick scalability and additional opportunities for planning ahead of competitors.


Joining a group buying program for your Small Business can quickly become the most valuable opportunity and an asset to your long-term growth strategy. Lead the way to a competitive and successful organization and enjoy the various benefits for continued success and expansion.

Become a member and join us today to activate your fantastic savings. Discover the power of a controlled and profitable bottom-line.