The hunting company expands beyond its lineup of handcrafted waterfowl calls to include American-made elk calls.


Eagle, ID, February 7, 2022 — A new era is beginning at Slayer Calls with the launch of its first set of big game calls.

The launch lineup includes American-made external cow elk and calf elk calls, as well as an elk bugle tube, and marks the hunting startup’s first foray beyond waterfowl calls. 

Slayer was founded following a decade of experimentation to create the perfect handcrafted duck call.

“We nailed duck and goose calls,” CEO Bill Ayer said, “so I started the relentless pursuit of creating the best elk calls on the market. And that’s exactly what these new calls are.”

Ayer took the challenge of creating the best elk calls seriously. The Slayer team experimented with the diameter, wall thickness, length and undercut at the end of the bugle tube to give calls realistic depth. The combination of baffles, an elastic band and a custom polyester/spandex blend cover combat the hollow, plastic sound of other bugle tubes on the market. 

The external calf and cow elk calls, too, are constructed from wear-resistant, high-quality materials. 

“The entire call is made out of nylon plastic — a synthetic thermoplastic polymer that’s known for its strength and durability,” said Ayer. 

Polyamide is most commonly used for metal replacement in things like automotive parts, railway tie insulators and industrial valves because of its high thermal stability and toughness, despite being extremely lightweight. “AR lowers are made of this stuff,” said Ayer.

The only part not made from the nylon plastic is the mylar reed, which helps produce the most realistic calls, from soft and subtle mews to more emotional estrus sounds.

Slayer began developing the new big game calls following a round of funding from investors Matt Rissell and Brandon Zehm in 2021.

The new product launch comes at a tough time for businesses. Continuing supply chain issues have affected manufacturing processes the world over. Slayer Calls wasn’t exempt from the struggle. The company fought to maintain the integrity of its product design and quality of materials while navigating real-time supplier issues. 

The Slayer Calls team overcame production challenges with a new set of elk products that exceed competitors’ design and quality. Hunters who struggled to get results this season from other calls can trust Slayer’s bugle tube and external elk calls in the backcountry.

The set of elk calls create the realistic bull, cow, and calf sounds hunters need at competitive prices. The Wild Thang Bugle Tube, Slayer Cow External Call, and Slayer Calf External Call are available on

About Slayer Calls: Slayer Calls was founded by CEO Bill Ayer in 2018 in Eagle, Idaho. The Slayer team are outdoor enthusiasts obsessed with handcrafting the best hunting calls, backed by a lifetime guarantee, and providing unmatched customer service. Slayer gives back to conservation efforts by donating 10% of every purchase.

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