SkillsTX launched a rebrand in July 2022 to spread its Passion for Potential ™ across the globe and address the digital skills shortage, with a significant focus on North America.


Sheridan, WY, November 6, 2022— The demand for digital skills across North America is about to skyrocket, yet its still woefully underprepared. 

Currently lagging in 29th place (out of 100 countries) for digital skills, the US is in danger of slipping further behind. And as other countries make strides to tackle the issue, digital skill assessments show North America is struggling to keep up.

While we cannot forget the significant advances made in the US tech industry, the country is losing out when it comes to more traditional sectors. In 2016 Brookings found that 70% of USA-based jobs required a medium to a high level of digital skills, and it is with certainty that the percentage has since increased. Furthermore, 60% of the global economy will be digitized by the time 2022 draws to a close.

SkillsTX realizes the urgency of this problem. With the expansion of the team, SkillsTX is expanding its efforts to close the digital skills gap in North America.

SkillsTX recently welcomed John Kleist III on board, based in the USA, serving as Vice President of Sales for North America and an active SFIA Evangelist. More recently, Evan Griffin joined the team as a Customer Revenue Specialist based in Canada, working alongside John and supporting more customers in the region.

The team at SkillsTX and its Talent Experience Platform will enable organizations to forge ahead into the digital age and disrupt traditional talent management processes by transferring organizations to a skills-based development and hiring strategy

Through the SFIA framework, SkillsTX works closely with organizations and the government to help them identify their skills gaps and develop a strategy to address them.

  • Currently ranked 29th out of 100 countries, North America is lagging far behind in digital skills
  • By the end of 2022, 60% of the world economy will be digitized
  • In 2016 70% of USA-based jobs required a medium to high level of digital skills
  • SkillsTX has rebranded and is expanding across North America as well as globally
  • Two talented individuals; John Kleist III and Evan Griffin, were welcomed to the SkillsTX team

With global corporates among its clients, SkillsTXs Talent Experience Platform is proven to increase employee engagement, reduce business risk and increase success.

SkillsTX is eager to show how SFIA can be harnessed to attract, engage, develop and retain the best talent.

Get in touch today for organizations keen to understand how SkillsTX and SFIA can help them succeed in the digital age.

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