SJPE Group, an electrical contractor, based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, has launched charging solutions for electric and hybrid vehicle users across Nottingham and the Midlands. With over 20 years in the electrical contracting and motor industry, the firm is helping vehicle owners transition to cheaper, cleaner, and greener transport solutions in line with the country’s commitment to embracing zero-emission vehicles.


Nottingham, UK, 20 October 2021— Electric and hybrid vehicles offer a cheaper, cleaner, and greener mode of transport. Unlike their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, they emit zero to insignificant amounts of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. These greener options are powered by electricity, hence installing charging ports to provide enough electricity.

SJPE Group is helping residents of Nottingham and the larger area of the Midlands access electricity for their vehicles by installing charging ports at residential and commercial places. The firm has been in the electrical and motor industry since 1998 and has the experience and flexibility demanded by the new breed of eco-friendly cars. 

However, it started large-scale installation of electric charging ports in 2013 and has since grown to provide the largest and extensive electric charging services in the Midlands.

“We have been in the electrical contracting and motoring industry since 1998. We now purely focus on the installation of EV charging stations, making us highly specialized and competent. This gives us a greater understanding of the requirements of individual homes and businesses to provide high-quality charging solutions and advice,” explained Sam Peel, SJPE Group Director.

The firm has made a good name through premium services, including their highly efficient SJ Peel Electrical Chargers. From experienced technicians to premium quality products, vehicle owners get the best electrical charging solution to last them long. Its installers are accredited by the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and support government funding to cut clients’ costs during the installation.

Government grants usually are intended for commercial installations, but clients who want a home charging point can still access some help from the government. SJPE Group advises clients on the best options to ensure they get what they are looking for. Customers can learn more about government assistance through the OZEV Charging Grant Info on the contractor’s website. 

Most vehicle owners are heeding the Nottinghamshire County Council’s campaign to have as many electric vehicles (EVs) on the road as possible, but crowding on commercial charging ports is slowing them down. However, the government supports residential EV charger installation efforts through the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS).

“You can get up to 75% of the installation cost, offering you the perfect excuse to switch from petrol or diesel to an electric one. Once you have gone through applying for the maximum funding, you can get in touch with our team to come and fit your new charger in Nottingham,” added Peel.

About SJPE Group Electrical Contractors: SJPE Group is a Nottingham-based electrical contractor that provides charging solutions for electric and hybrid vehicle users. The firm sells and installs EV and hybrid vehicles chargers in commercial and residential areas across Nottingham and the larger area of the Midlands. Its mission is to provide cheaper, cleaner, and greener solutions by providing EV technology for homes and businesses.

Contact information:

Name: Sam Peel
Organization: SJPE Group Electrical Contractors
Address: 33 Ribbon Pond Drive Newark On Trent Nottinghamshire NG24 3WW
Phone: 08000 614630