Six Star Business Podcast, an Australian podcast, has just been launched with the goal of helping business owners everywhere improve their strategies in order to take their company to the next level. 


Gold Coast, Australia – 6 April 2021 –Podcasts are all the rage these days. You can find a podcast for just about anything! Podcasts are not only extremely interesting, but they can also be very informative and helpful.

Six Star Business Podcast is one such podcast. The new Australian podcast is dedicated to helping business owners take their business to the next level.

The podcast hosts two guest business owners on each episode, and they share tips and advice on how to elevate your business from five stars to six. 

“We are so excited to have the opportunity to help out business owners!” exclaimed Aveline Clarke, one of the co-hosts of the podcast. 

Topics include the customer experience, building a good name for your business, and so much more!

Whether you have been in business for decades, or are opening your first business, the podcast has plenty of insight to help you earn that 5 star review!

“I think by incorporating so many different perspectives on the podcast, we really can reach out to everyone,” said Pete Daly-Dickson, the other half of the dynamic duo.

Overall, the customer journey is very important when running a business, and this podcast can help you attract and maintain more customers for your business!

Despite being new, the podcast is putting out episodes at a very fast rate, and it won’t be long before they have an entire archive of episodes for listeners.

If you think you have room to improve your business, check out the Six Star Business Podcast today!

About Six Star Business Podcast:

“What grabbed your attention about the concept of a 6 Star Business, and inspired you to come on the podcast?” That’s the question that is put to guests on the 6 Star Business podcast every week. Our guests are successful business owners and passionate professionals who always aspire to evolve, improve, and better themselves and the lives of those they impact. Most often they put the customer experience at the forefront of everything they do. The million-dollar question is: “If that extra 6th star existed, what would you have to do to push your business beyond a 5 star review and go that extra mile?” Each week your hosts Aveline Clarke and Pete Daly-Dickson create a space where they and their two guests have a conversation about what it takes to create and sustain a 6 Star Business. This isn’t one of those podcasts where the hosts fire questions at an interviewee in the hot seat; it’s a collaborative exploration and ongoing global conversation about customer journey excellence, employee engagement, humanising business and what it means to take a 5 star review and move it up into a 6 Star Business. Intrigued and inspired? Join us!

Contact Information:
Aveline ClarkeSix Star Business Podcast, Coolangatta, QLD, 4225 Australia
+61 1300230474