PHOENIX, ARIZONA, APRIL 11, 2023 — Entrepreneurs are busier than ever. While the internet has made it easier for anyone to start a business, founders tend to wear many hats and juggle countless tasks. On paper, doing everything on their own may seem great to accelerate growth and save money. For most folks, however, it’s a shortcut to burning out before getting any real results.

Working harder to produce more is not the secret sauce to success. Though counterintuitive at first, entrepreneurs can actually earn and accomplish more by actively doing less. All they need to learn is how to delegate and outsource effectively, something Six Degrees Digital Media has set out to teach in The Outsource Playbook.

Containing over a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience delegating work to freelancers around the world, The Outsource Playbook is an online program teaching the ropes of outsourcing to overwhelmed entrepreneurs so they can regain work-life balance, focus on the high-level tasks they enjoy, and finally scale their businesses.

“Having outsourced work to hundreds of freelancers on more than a thousand occasions, I’ve developed a friendly, fool-proof approach that others can easily replicate”, described Angie Moore, President and Founder of Six Degrees Digital Media. “Since 2010, I’ve hired employees, freelancers, contractors, and vendors. Out of these, working with freelancers has always been the best experience.”

Starting a business can take over a founder’s life. Especially when they try to do everything themselves in order to save money. More often than not, this results in time being wasted and lost revenue due to not focusing exclusively on the tasks bearing the greatest impact to business growth.

What’s more, outsourcing can at first be tricky and overwhelming. Without knowing where to start or how to pick talent, entrepreneurs may end up with a different type of headache. The Outsource Playbook guides business-owners through a proven 3-step process to discover, qualify, and hire the right talent for their budget in order to achieve their business goals on time.

Moore’s experience hiring freelancers to help fulfill projects hasn’t gone unnoticed. One of the biggest companies in the freelancing industry, Fiverr, acknowledge her ability to teach entrepreneurs to outsource with as little friction as possible.

“Angie Moore is a great resource for any business owner looking to hire freelancers on Fiverr. She is a Top Fiverr Buyer who runs a successful Digital Marketing Agency, who has worked with a committed and dedicated network of Fiverr Sellers that she has curated over time”, shared Sharon Lee Thony, current Director of Digital Marketing Agencies at Fiverr. “Angie will teach you how you can build your business and grow your team by smartly navigating the Fiverr marketplace to hire quality talent that helps you generate results.”

Designed to assist decision-makers from all backgrounds, from individuals and agencies to startups and marketing managers, The Outsource Playbook is ideal for any leader eager to increase their output dramatically without making a commitment to hire long-term, and for anyone who’s had a bitter experience outsourcing before.

Students in The Outsource Playbook program will learn to vet freelancers who fit their needs, get more bang for their buck, avoid the costly mistakes from choosing the wrong candidates, and reduce their workload to a fraction of the time, all while nurturing their own leadership capabilities.

Not only that, but they’ll also gain access to a curated list of freelancers hand-picked by Moore herself, a community to network with fellow business-owners, and templates and checklists to execute a flawless outsourcing strategy.

If you’re ready to scale your business, retrieve your work-life balance, and reduce hours on high-effort tasks, get more information on The Outsource Playbook today.

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