Tickets are currently available for Mandai Parks’ newest exhibits in Singapore. Opening this year, the Bird Park and Rainforest Park join guest-favorites Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari in providing a multilayered, interactive wildlife experience. The Bird Park is relocating from Jurong with 5,000 species of birds from across Southeast Asia and the Rainforest Park will feature a wildlife rehabilitation center to help injured or abandoned animals. Focusing on the biodiversity of Southeast Asia, the park will educate the public while providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Learn more at


SINGAPORE — February 23, 2020 — Online tickets are now available for Mandai Parks’ newest exhibits: the Bird Park, with 5,000 species of birds across nine walk-in aviaries, and the Rainforest Park, an interactive park specializing in wildlife rehabilitation.

Mandai Parks first announced in 2017 that the Bird Park would be relocating from Jurong and reopen to the public in 2020, adding that the new Rainforest Park would be opening at the same time to highlight the biodiversity of Southeast Asia. Besides these two new attractions, online tickets are also available for current exhibits: Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and River Safari.

“Our parks will be showcasing the animals of the rainforest. Guests will have the option of gazing above the tree canopies, strolling along boardwalks on the ground level or descending into caverns,” said Mike Barclay, chief executive of Mandai Park Holdings. “These are truly extraordinary experiences for any lover of nature.”

Barclay added that staff are particularly excited about the addition of a wildlife rehabilitation center in the Rainforest Park. “With this new center, the public or agencies can bring us injured or abandoned wildlife. Our team of experienced veterinarians will treat the animals, and if appropriate, release them back into the wild.”

Mandai Parks’ new exhibits are meant to educate the public on the value of Southeast Asian wildlife and the importance of protecting threatened species, explained wildlife consultant Subaraj Rajathurai. Many species will now be protected within the park and allow researchers to find new solutions for conservation. 

In 2023, Mandai Parks will also be making the jump into ecotourism with overnight stays in “spaceship-like tree houses” across canopy bridges and connecting to nature trails throughout the park. This one-of-a-kind resort will have 338 rooms for guests to experience nature as never before. 

For neighboring communities, the park will allow certain areas to be accessed without the purchase of a ticket. A boardwalk with views of the Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, and River Safari will be open to the public for no charge, allowing families to enjoy the park’s natural beauty. 

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ABOUT MANDAI SINGAPORE PARKS: Mandai Park Holdings (MPH) is driving the rejuvenation of Mandai Precinct into an integrated nature and wildlife destination, through its development arm, Mandai Park Development (MPD). MPH also oversees the business and strategic development of Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), the operator of Singapore’s award-winning Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari, and Singapore Zoo.

Mandai Singapore Parks have a vision to bring back the wonder of nature, for all of us and our future generations to enjoy. The project’s three guiding principles are inclusion, sustainability, and integration. Learn more at

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