Simply Rent LLC, a company based out of Illinois, has launched an app that allows you to rent out items to others as well as rent items yourself.


Brimfield, IL, May 17, 2021- Renting something is a great way to get full use out of an object without having to buy it. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find rentals for specific items. With the Simply Rent app, you can find all your rental needs in one marketplace! When most people think of the word “rent” they think of renting out a home or bedroom, but Simply Rent allows you to rent so much more. Simply Rent opens you up to a world of rentals you never thought possible.

With Simply Rent, you can rent tools and equipment. Looking to take on a handy task on your own? Fixing things yourself can be a great way to save money, but this feat can be difficult if you do not have the proper tools. With Simply Rent you can rent the tools you need to get the job done without having to commit to owning them. Simply Rent is also great for renting vehicles. Rent out a car and hit the road, or perhaps rent a boat and cruise around on the water! Simply Rent gives you the opportunity to enjoy vehicles without having to break the bank.” Thanks to Simply Rent, I was able to enjoy a weekend on the water without having to break my wallet!” exclaimed a renter.

One unique aspect of the Simply Rent app is that users can be both renters and rental owners! You can also guarantee that you are renting from a reliable source by checking out the reviews. These reviews are made by real users of the app and are completely reliable.” Renting provides people with great opportunities that they otherwise may not have, and we are trying to promote that as much as we can,” said a representative from Simply Rent. If you are looking for great rental opportunities, Simply Rent is the app for you! The Simply Rent app is available on iOS and the Google Play Store.

About Simply Rent LLC: Give your mobile phone the ability to allow you to rent your tools, equipment, vehicles, properties, boats, and others easily and speedily. Simply Rent makes it simple to have items for rent available in the Marketplace for Renters to view and rent. The app goes beyond simply posting items for rent, it also allows a user to be both a rental owner and a renter in the app. Simply Rent is a unique platform where reviews from actual users are available for future customer’s reference. Our strong app features make it easy for you to shop without any hassle. It promotes smarter, faster decision-making through the app’s messaging feature, map, item, and transaction history to provide full convenience and the best user experience.

Contact Information:

Jeff Mueller
Simply Rent LLC, Brimfield, Illinois