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Moving house is one of the most stressful and simultaneously gratifying things you will ever have to do. Packing up and starting up somewhere new can be a great experience and it is important for you to plan the move down to the bare bones unless you want to stress out.

Today we want to talk about some of the simple tips for packing up your old home and moving to a new business one. Consider things such as your car, kids, pets and food. Here are some of the ways to make moving week less stressful.

Plan your food 

Over the days you are going to be packing up the house; you won’t be able to use your cooker or your fridge. It is important to plan out what you want to eat through those days because otherwise you may end up with a ton of takeaways in your midst. Plan simple lunches such as sandwiches or soups and use your family to heat food up or store it for you. You can even think about carrying a cooler bag to keep food fresh on the go.

Leave pets with a relative 

One of the more challenging parts of your big move will be getting your pet to the new house. The best thing for you to do in the days before you move house is to set your pet up with a relative and allow them to look after your pet for a couple of days. This will prevent the risk of your dog running out of the house or your cats climbing in boxes while you try to pack!

Label every box 

When packing up your home to move to a whole new one you’ll have a lot of items to organise. If you want to pack up quickly and get to your new home the temptation might be to simply throw everything in boxes and get it all ready to go; but spending a small amount of time organising now will save a ton of time later. When filling boxes, be sure to label the room it came from, the category, and the contents. For example:

Kitchen – cookware – pans

Doing this will make your life much easier when you unpack at your new hour because you can simply take the box to the right room straight away ready for unboxing later!

Mail order your car 

If you have a car or multiple cars in your household, it might not be the best idea to drive them all separately to your new home while you also have a moving van there. A great idea is to use a service like CarsRelo where you can get your car taken and delivered to you the day after you move. It will ensure that you don’t block the whole road on your first day at home and will be one less thing to worry about.

Start with the least used rooms 

When packing your house for a big move, it is always a good idea to start early and begin your packing saga a few weeks before you move. Obviously you can’t pack things such as your kitchen or bedroom right away – but spare bedrooms and other less used spaces can be packed up and ready to go away before moving day. This will lessen the pressure on you during your moving week and will ensure that you can deep clean the rooms before you move.

Don’t pack too much 

When moving your life to a new house it is important to consider decluttering the space before you go. Moving to a new house is the chance for a fresh start and it is important for you to make the most of this in every way. Take the chance to empty your wardrobes and get rid of things you no longer need this year, and get rid of old furniture and possessions you don’t use. This will make packing much easier and will allow you to move into your new home with a sense of freshness.

Consider selling old stuff 

As well as getting rid of some old stuff, you can take the chance to make some extra money before the move. Sell some of your used clothes and furniture and use this to go towards your expenses for moving. Doing this will make all the difference and keep you financially stable during the move!

Use our tips today to make your move less stressful and make a nice new start this year.