Simpatico Systems and Preveil will be providing a free online webinar on how small to medium-sized businesses can adopt military-grade security for their data by starting with a Zero Trust approach.


Lubbock, TX, June 21, 2021 – Attacks on the Colonial Pipeline and Solar Winds highlight the vulnerability of all businesses and their need to implement radically better cybersecurity. 

But small to medium-sized businesses frequently have neither the budget nor the IT team to implement the cybersecurity solutions they need to protect their data. 

The Biden Administration and the National Security Agency have recommended a Zero Trust Approach for protecting data, and Simpatico Systems is working with Zero Trust partners PreVeil to help small to medium-sized business protect their data from increasing cybersecurity threats.

Jeremia Cohen (Certified Chief Information Security Officer, Certified Cyber Analyst and Certified Ethical Hacker at Simpatico Systems) along with Sanjeev Verma (Co-founder & Chairman of PreVeil) will be discussing why the Biden administration recommends zero-trust, what a zero-trust approach is, and how smaller-sized businesses can start implementing zero trust architecture to protect their email and files.

Simpatico Systems will be hosting a free online webinar Wednesday, June 30th at 1:00pm CDT. 

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About Simpatico Systems: Simpatico Systems is a premier national Managed IT and Artificial Intelligence-based Cyber Security Company with headquarters in Lubbock, Texas. Simpatico Systems offers Managed IT services along with an array of physical and cybersecurity solutions to businesses and remote teleworkers. 

About Preveil: PreVeil provides encrypted document collaboration and email for CMMC & ITAR compliance for both personal and business use. They are an industry leader in their technology and customer support.

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