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Moving is a big deal, and every homeowner has a mental picture of how they expect it to happen. They envision themselves putting their house on the market, selling it with the first open house and moving on to their next adventure.

Does this happen? Yes. Is it the norm? No.

Selling a house is often an expensive, stressful, uncomfortable, and even risky endeavor. One way to skip that ordeal is to sell to one of the “buy houses for cash” businesses you’re always hearing about.

Benefits of Selling to a “Buy Houses for Cash” Business

If you’re not crazy about the idea of the home selling process, here’s why you should consider a cash home-buying business.

Quick Sale

As many advantages as there can be to this type of a sale, the one sellers love the most is the speed.

Homes can sit on the market for months or years without interest. Even if you find a buyer soon after hitting the market, chances are that the closing process will take several months.

Between home inspections and the buyer getting their financing in place, striking a deal is far from the end.

If you need or want to finish the sale and move on, selling to business offers that quick turnaround.

No Mind Games

Selling a house is as much about psychology as it is about your home itself.

Real estate agents have arsenals of tricks to make buyers see the house in a more positive light. From staging and decluttering to baking cookies before an open house, these mind games get exhausting in a hurry.

Home-buying businesses are different. They’re professionals who know what they’re looking for. They inspect the bones of your home rather than how many books you have on your shelves, so you’re not stuck attempting mind control.

Less Hassle

Whether you’re in a hot or cool home market, selling your house requires a lot of work. You have to clean and declutter everything from the beginning. You need to keep the house show-ready and perfect at all times, often for months on end.

When you do get a nibble on your line, you could have days of stressful negotiating with different buyers. Who has the time and energy for all that?


Selling to a business is an easy solution. You show the home to one buyer, reach an agreement, and that’s that.

No Repair Liabilities

When you sell your home in the traditional way, you could be on the hook for thousands in repairs. You’re likely to need to pay for any problems a home inspector finds, whether you know about them or not.

When you sell to a “buy houses for cash” business, it’s usually an “as is” sale. This means no home inspection and no shelling out for repairs on a house you don’t even want.

Quicker Payment

It’s in their description: businesses that buy houses for cash will pay cash. You don’t need to wait for them to get financing (and hope that financing comes through) before you get paid.

Because the business already has the money for the home, they may be more flexible on how you want to get paid. For instance, some will agree to take over your mortgage.

It depends on your needs and the deal you strike, but these businesses have more options than a typical buyer.

Lower Expense

You would think that selling a major asset like a house will bring in money. It may in the long run, but it’s an expensive process too.

With a typical sale, you’ll likely need to complete some projects and repairs before you hit the market. All of this costs money. Staging can be pricey too, especially if you hire a professional.

When the sale goes through, you have the expense of paying the real estate agent too. Think you can get around this by selling the home yourself? Chances are that you won’t get a great deal and you’ll pay for all of your own advertising too.


These costs are nothing compared to the cost of a long selling process. If you’ve already bought or rented a new home, you could be paying double the housing expenses for months.

Selling your home to business cuts out these costs.

Less Intrusion

This is an element of selling your home that few people think about until they’re in the middle of the process. It’s uncomfortable having complete strangers in your home when you aren’t there.

These unknown people will be in every room of your house. Some may open closets and drawers too. In fact, there are even people who will attend open houses to look for homes to burglarize.

Going to a real estate business instead will be a breath of fresh air. You show the home one time and you’re done, free to enjoy your privacy until you move.

See Your Home’s Potential

Companies that buy houses for cash are real estate investment businesses. They typically buy homes, fix them up and modernize them, and sell them again.

As a homeowner, it can be thrilling to watch this unfold. You’ll be able to see the company unleash the potential you never knew your home had. It can be sentimental to see your beloved house get a new lease on life.

Selling Your Home in a Hurry

In ads for “buy houses for cash” businesses, everyone talks about how quick the sale is. While this is true, it’s far from the only benefit to these deals.

As a homeowner, selling your home to an investor can give you that “sold” sign and the freedom to move on without the expense, time, and stress of a traditional selling process.

If you’re ready to get started, call our home buyers today to find out for yourself.