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Over 10% of all Americans move every year. That’s over 35 million people thinking, “Should I hire movers or handle the move myself?”

There are pros and cons to both choices, but it primarily boils down to three things — time, money, and the amount of work.

Let’s look at what you should consider when debating whether to move your household yourself.

What to Consider When Moving

There are several things to think about when deciding which route to take for a move. The amount of stuff being moved is a big one. There’s a big difference between moving a couple of pieces of furniture and a few boxes versus a house full of possessions.

Time is another critical factor. Do you have time to pack and move everything yourself or are you on a tight timeline?

The distance of your move is also a consideration. Moving from coast-to-coast is a much more significant undertaking than moving a few blocks across town.

When You Should Move Yourself

Moving your household yourself has several advantages over hiring movers:

  • Lower cost
  • Pack how you want
  • Move as fast or slow as you want

It has its share of disadvantages too:

  • You have to do the heavy lifting
  • It’s up to you to do all the planning
  • Problems are your responsibility

When you move yourself, you have total control over the process. If you’re not under any time pressure, you can move at your own pace. You can pack however you like; there’s nobody giving you any direction about what goes where or how to pack your boxes.

The lower cost is what convinces most people to choose this option. Yes, you can probably save some money by moving yourself, but there can be hidden costs that you should consider as well.

When It’s Best to Hire Movers

While you might pay more for hired movers than doing it yourself, the difference might not be as much as you think. When you handle the move yourself, you need to supply all your own packing materials, which likely cost money. And you’ll need a vehicle to transport your belongings.

If you’re only moving a few things over a short distance, your friend’s pickup truck might work. But if you’ve got a house full of furniture, you’re going to need a bigger vehicle, which you’ll likely end up renting. Assuming you’re even able to drive a larger truck, that’s going to eat up a fair bit of your budget by doing it yourself.

Several other advantages of hiring a moving company include:

  • They do all the heavy lifting
  • They’re experts, so it’s efficient
  • Their experience helps when unexpected problems arise
  • It’s less stressful for you
  • They’ll carry insurance

DIY or Not – The Bottom Line

So, what is the best way to move? If you’ve got a few things to move over a short distance, consider handling the move yourself. But if you’ve got many things or you’re moving a significant distance, it’s worth hiring a mover.

Choosing a good moving company is the key. Do a bit of research before making your choice. Check with the local Better Business Bureau for complaints. Find some reviews online. Spend a little time checking them out before deciding.

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