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Undergoing a knee surgery to repair longtime wear and tear or an unexpected injury, leaves many with a difficult recovery process. You know that rehabilitative therapy is key to your recovery, but how will you manage the pain and stiffness associated with your procedure?

Many patients rent a Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machine to fight frozen or stiff muscles from developing. Knee CPM devices also minimize and reduce swelling and discomfort after surgery. This therapy has been helping patients since the 1970s and is a proven method of assisting patients to get back to their normal activities.

Why Knee CPM Machines Are Necessary

Our joints need motion, and regular use or they develop agonizing stiffness in the joint and surrounding ligaments that can leave you immobile. After knee surgery, our bodies will cause excess fluid to collect around our joint to provide added protection while healing. This leads to painful swelling and an inability to move normally, which may result in scar tissue and poor circulation.

CPM therapy helps prevent this by carefully and slowly bending our knee without us having to exert our muscles. The rhythmic bending it provides will help maintain healthy blood flow to the injury site and remove excess fluid build-up. This makes it possible for our bodies to send critical nutrients to fuel repairs and cartilage regeneration.

Many times, initial therapy sessions can happen while you are still in bed, recovering from your surgical procedure. Some of the reasons why your doctor would have you use a knee CPM machine include:

● Prevent new scar tissue from forming
● Begin rebuilding muscle flexibility
● Prevent your joint from becoming locked

You may find that a CPM machine can help you during your physical therapy program after knee surgery. It supports you by providing continuous and consistent motion exercises.

CPM Machines Proven to Benefit Recovery After Knee Surgery

Today’s medical advances have innovated this technology to support numerous health conditions and help patients quickly regain mobility after joint surgery.

The most noted benefits of a Knee CPM machine as part of a knee surgery recovery include:

● Increased range of motion of the knee
● Supportive tissues and muscles regain strength faster
● Reduction of post-surgery knee pain
● Lessened anxiety when having to bend and flex the knee

Patients around the globe, from all walks of life, believe that CPM machines have made a significant difference in their surgery process. While every knee injury is unique, users and their doctors have overwhelmingly supported the use of these medical devices for over 30 years. Clinical trials have also conducted studies and found these machines to be beneficial in a number of circumstances.

Rent a Knee CPM Machine After Surgery

Enduring a knee surgery is a serious matter that deserves the best aftercare your doctor can provide to ensure a full recovery. A continuous passive motion machine is a trusted method to help begin healing right after your procedure and prevent complications from inflammation and muscle stiffness.

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