The Northampton-based creative studio has become one of the first digital agencies to dive into Web3, a decentralized web built and operated by its users. Referred to as the ‘next generation of the web’, Web3 gives power to individuals instead of corporations through non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and artificial intelligence (AI).


Northampton, UK, 28 September 2022— When Peter Snell founded Shiny Studio in 2014, his goal was to create a studio that gives life to clients’ messages so that their marketing efforts could reach and influence the target audience. The studio brings together passionate creatives who take on bold projects to push organizations beyond what’s possible. As the world ushers in a new idea of the iteration of the world wide web, Web3, Shiny Studio has become one of the first digital agencies to embrace it. The agency wants to help businesses maximize their potential by unlocking the power of Web3.

“Web 3 is the internet you own. If you want your business to get so far ahead of the curve, Web3 is the future of the internet, and we are giving you a chance to join early. Whether creating your first NFTs, getting to grips with artificial intelligence, needing to bring your Web3 product to life, or bringing your metaverse to life in 3D, we can help you make that happen,” explained Snell.

To bring the Web3 idea to life, Shiny Studio uses 3DAnimation, documentary-style video content, NFT marketplaces, DAOs, token-gated memberships, NFT drops, community rewards, and more. 3D animation and motion graphics reduce site bounce rates because they engage the prospective client. They also help portray complex information ins simple illustrations making your product or service understandable.

“There are many things to love about 3D, but the most exciting is that anything is possible. Let us help you make your marketing memorable and bring hard-to-tell stories straight into your audience’s minds,” added Snell.

Shiny Studio is a pioneer in providing Web3 Services seeing not many digital-first agencies are offering the services. The creative team reveals that while the idea has a lot of opportunities, it will work only if the business is prepared and in it for the long haul. Some of the things a company can do for successful implementation include:

● Fleshing out the idea

● Creating a marketing plan

● Get the budget engineering budget in order

● Considering advisors

● Auditing the project beforehand

NFT Services allow businesses to give their clients some control through software that lets users create and sell blockchain-based tokens baked by physical assets. Shiny Studio helps clients create their first NFTs and develop a robust blockchain structure. Its other services include video production, web design and development, creative marketing campaigns, and digital copywriting.

About Shiny Studio:

Shiny Studio is a creative studio that helps businesses make their brands stand out through creative assets and technology. The firm focuses on the human to human marketing through creative trailblazing and storytelling. Its services include 3D animation, Web3, video production, creative marketing campaigns, digital copywriting, and web development.

Contact Information:

Name: Peter Snell
Organization: Shiny Pictures
Address:54 Kingswell Street, Northampton, NN1 1PR, UK
Phone number:07478736802