Shield Works Precision Manufacturing is a fully British-owned OEM Manufacturing and IP Protective Assembly Facility based in China that “reinvents traditional China-based product supply”. With fingerprint-access-only zones, 24/7 live video stream, and ISO standard practices, they aim to foreign companies to protect their intellectual property. Learn more about Shield Works here.


Guangdong, China, 17 August 2021 – Fully British-owned and managed manufacturing company, Shield Works, is helping overseas companies protect their intellectual property in China. Shield Works aims to offer unprecedented access and transparency to their customers, whilst protecting their IP in the process.

Intellectual Property Protection in China has proved difficult for foreign companies for several years due to local judicial protectionism and perceived bias against foreign companies. However, Shield Works is hoping to change that.

China is the world’s leading manufacturer and as such attracts a lot of global customers who face these challenges. The protection that Shield Works offers in terms of Intellectual Property Rights has been hard to achieve in China until now. While China has made steady efforts to better protect and enforce IP rights, infringers themselves continue to become increasingly sophisticated. They often exploit procedural loopholes, proactively seek to invalidate legitimate patents and trademarks, deploy advanced techniques such as reverse engineering, and find new ways to infiltrate legitimate distribution and build their parallel networks.

In their 70,000 sqft facility, Shield Works are looking to provide their customers with the added advantages of manufacturing in China, all whilst keeping IP Protection and Quality as the primary focus.

“At Shield Works, we operate with open, transparent, and flexible working practices providing clients with all the usual advantages of China supply with the added reassurance and security of a highly controlled customized tier-one production environment.” Said Nick Cunningham, President, and Founder of Shield Works and the C2W Group.

Tightly controlled internal information handling processes, contractual and legal procedural enforcement, and staff hiring/allocation practices along with controlled fingerprint access to all key production areas helps to secure their customers’ IP and protect their interests at the source of manufacture.

The Shield Works Facility has recently obtained ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certifications by the British Standard Institute.

Customers who are interested in Shield Work’s services can even see the IP Protective Assembly via the virtual facilities tour.

About Shield Works Precision Manufacturing: Shield Works is a British-owned and managed precision assembly and IPR protective, manufacturing, and warehouse facility based in the heart of Zhuhai, China. Shield Works provides customized OEM manufacturing, assembly, and warehousing solutions to its international client base within individual IPR protective production zones housed inside the Shield Works facility.

Guided by 16 years of China-based manufacturing experience through its parent company China2West Services, Shield Work’s aim is the provision of risk-free manufacturing solutions to internationally recognized quality standards. In 2020, Shield Works was recognized as one of the Top 5 British Companies of the Year by the British Business Awards.

Contact Details:
Name: Nick Cunningham
Email: [email protected]
Company: Shield Works Precision Manufacturing
Address: Floor 4, Building C, Zhong Yuan Industrial Park, No. 2 Shengli Road, Sanzao Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai, Guangdong, 519040, China
Phone: (+1) 650 666 0050