Shelter Tattoo proudly focuses on delicate, single-needle application ink in Houston, Texas. 


Houston, TX, May 8, 2020 – Based in Houston, Shelter Tattoo places an emphasis on the art on single-needle application artwork.

Shelter Tattoo, a Texas tattoo parlor, specializes in single-needle application pieces. As an appointment-only studio in Texas, Shelter Tattoo has been in business for over 10 years. The fine needle specialists are also experts in traditional and black and gray tattoos, which are displayed on its Instagram page.

According to Shelter Tattoo customer Johnny Sal, “James is a great tattoo artist. He’s very knowledgeable and creative His shop is always clean and organized. He is able to complete small detailed tattoos that many artists are unable to do. In other words, James’ work speaks for itself.”

Shelter Tattoo offers a wide range of custom line work, which can easily be viewed on the company’s website.

Another Shelter Tattoo customer, Dominiq Quintana, shares that, “if you are looking for quality work and an artist that listens to your vision, adds his expert advice, and gives phenomenal results with clean line work, color, shading, and dimension, James is your guy!! I’ve followed James for years and he has always given me results that way exceeded my expectations.”

With so many positive Facebook reviews and Youtube comments, it’s no shocker that tattoo artist James Samaniego is in high demand. Shelter Tattoo’s long waitlist means you’ll have to wait for one to two months for an appointment.

However, it’s clear that the wait is worth it, especially since Shelter Tattoo has the best single needle application work in town. To make an appointment in advance, please visit right away.

Speaking of which, Shelter Tattoo customer Reagan Rome DeKeyzer also says that, “James does amazing work. Always super clean and professional! Best in Houston!”

At Shelter Tattoo, it’s evident that attention to detail is its number one concern. Depending on schedule and availability, the fine line tattoo parlor wants to make room for all appointments on its schedule too. That’s why Shelter Tattoo is currently open and ready to accept new and returning clients at this time.

With customized tattoo designs, the appointment-only shop can make your wildest ink dreams come true. Once there, you’ll be sure to find the single needle application tattoo that you are looking in one place. To put it simply, Shelter Tattoo is your one-stop-shop for all things delicate and detailed.

When you get your artwork done at Shelter Tattoo, you are guaranteed to have a single needle application piece that will last for a lifetime. If you are interested in investing in ink or want to view James’ extensive portfolio, check out today.

About Shelter Tattoo

Shelter Tattoo is an appointment-only shop that is based out of Houston, Texas. They focus on single-needle application tattoos with a flair for detail and delicacy.

Contact Info:

Name: James Samaniego
Organization: Shelter Tattoo 
Address: Shelter Tattoo, 10708 Grant Rd, Houston, TX 77070
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (346) 206-3662