The pediatric sleep consulting company specializes in helping new moms to find effective sleep solutions for their babies without the overwhelm of failed attempts.


San Francisco, CA, January 21, 2021 – Serene Baby Sleep Consulting, LLC is proud to display its expertise in baby sleep training.

Serene Baby Sleep Consulting, LLC, is a pediatric sleep consulting company that specializes in helping new moms to find effective baby sleep solutions for their babies without the overwhelm of failed attempts.

Ghislaine Nnaji, owner and founder of Serene Baby Sleep Consulting, LLC, explains why using gentle, tested and results-driven approaches, is important to avoid unnecessary and exhausting pitfalls during sleep training.

As a pediatric sleep consultant, the company provides a wide variety of services to help improve your little one’s sleep habits, which are all offered on its website at

When asked Nnaji what is her motivation in helping new parents, she replied, “Witnessing that sense of relief on a new mom’s face when her family can finally sleep through the night, is what drives me to get to the bottom of the baby’s unique sleep issue and to focus on the real outcome. It is rewarding and fulfilling to see a family that was exhausted and desperate for sleep to finally get back their sanity, calmness, their confidence, and as they like to refer to it [feeling normal again]”.

With so many parents seeking help at bedtime, it can be difficult for families to know where to turn to get their little ones to sleep well. That’s where Serene Baby Sleep Consulting, LLC comes in. With a focus on baby health and sleep habits, Serene Baby Sleep Consulting, LLC’s pediatric sleep services are guaranteed to get your baby and your family the sleep that it needs and deserves.
Nnaji is a wife, a mother to two energetic and well-rested babies, and an avid supporter of healthy eating. A native of Rwanda, she now lives with her husband and their two children in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.
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Nnaji divulges that “you just need tried and tested guidance with step by step proven strategies to bring meaning to your sleep training goals. And once you know what is impacting your baby’s sleep troubles, the sleep training process becomes smoother.”

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